Strategic Planning

Human Resource Strategic Planning

Human resource audit comprehensively reviews the policies related to human resource and the procedures involved with the objective of locating and identifying problems. The outcome of the audit process is the establishment of the need for improvement and the improvement of human resource functions(Kumari, Bamel& Kumar, 2011). Strategic planning takes into consideration the position of an organization, its intended course of action and the enhancement of functionality and success of processes. With human resource audit, experts can identify and characterize the required changes, and this allows them to advise on the best strategy and decisions to make (Shaban, 2012).

A major benefit of HR audit is the development of an effective HR business plan. The efficiency of any business plan depends on an understanding of the prevailing conditions of the business and the future predictions. Human resource audit enables this understanding giving a guide on what decisions or plans should be taken in the situation(Shaban, 2012).

The human resource operating plan must be prepared guided by the organizational goals and objectives. All these plans are strategically based on an elaborate mission and vision of the organization which directs the objectives and hence all other procedures and operations in the organization. The vision and mission of an organization, therefore, guide the creation of the human resource plan(Kumari, Bamel& Kumar, 2011).

Gap analysis in human resource compares the actual performance to the desired and the expected performance. The analysis is part of the human resource audit and helps to identify issues within the human resource and organizational strategy that needs to be changed. Gap analysis can, therefore, change the course of human resource strategy or enforce it depending on the identified gaps (Kumari, Bamel& Kumar, 2011). For example, when a manufacturing company identifies a reduction in the demand for one of its chief product, the experts can advise a change in organizational strategy towards diversification which then impacts on the kind and number of personnel required to remain on course.

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