Steroids are artificial imitative testosterone hormones that simulate the development of male characteristics. Testosterone has both masculinizing and tissue-building effects and steroids are designed to bring about similar effects. There are different types of steroids and they are used for both medical and non-prescriptive purposes. The myth that steroid use is illegal and that all steroids are harmful is not true. Only non-prescriptive use of steroids is prohibited in many countries. Some people think that the mere intake of steroids builds muscles automatically. Steroids are not magic pills that produce the desired effects instantly. As a matter of fact, steroids produce desired result if the user adheres to certain lifestyles, use the right type for a specific goal and dispel misconceptions on its use.

Another common misconception is that injection steroids are safer than oral steroids. Safety is an important issue with all classes and types of steroids. Injection steroids do have side effects such as hair loss and acne that are also found in oral steroids. There are many people who believe that women do not use steroids. On the contrary, there have been studies that have observed significant numbers of women using steroids. Skewed body image, self-defense, bodybuilding, and athletics are all reasons that cause women to use steroids. The comparative statistics on gender based use of steroids shows that men still enjoy dominance over women.


Anabolic steroids are one commonly known type of steroids. Primarily, anabolic steroids are meant to reduce the breakdown of testosterone and maximize its ability to build tissues. Clenbuterol is an example of anabolic steroids commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes. This anabolic steroid helps in the shedding of body fats and weight loss. Anabolic steroids can be taken either through intramuscular injection or orally. Commentators observe that beginners in steroid use are the ones who prefer to take steroids orally. If anabolic steroids are taken orally, the user is more vulnerable to severe side effects than if it was and injection.

There are growth hormone steroids such as hGH (Human growth hormone) that imitates a hormone produced in the brain. Growth hormone steroids have been used to accelerate height growth in short children and increase the strength of the elderly. Most growth hormone steroids increase muscle mass, fat breakdown for energy and enhance musculoskeletal injury healing. Another type of steroids is erythropoietin that helps athletics endure the impact and improve performance. rEPO is one of the  erythropoietin that is useful in blood diseases treatment.

Corticosteroids are used in the reduction inflammations and swellings. They imitate the action of cortisol hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands’ cortex. Physicians use it in the treatment of arthritis but they prescribe them as short-term and low-dose treatment. However, the prescription of corticosteroids dose varies with the condition and the goal of treatment. Betamethasone, cortisone, prednisolone and budesonide are examples of Corticosteroids. The potential side effects of different corticosteroids increases with increase in dosage. Existing research has shown that corticosteroids can offer medical remedy for respiratory infections, cancerous conditions, and autoimmune problems such as multiple sclerosis

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