This interview provided an opportunity to establish the influence of stereotyping when it comes to making a conclusion on an individual. Stereotype is a conservatism belief that a given group of people defined by a specific body attribute. It is something to do with people making a general conclusion based on observable characteristics (McGrath, Spear & Yzerbyt, 2002). From this interview, it was observed that the interviewee is tall and looks masculine a factor that makes the interviewers to think that he is a sportsman. However, the premises on which the conclusion in this case is based makes fairly untrue. It important on the other hand to point out that a masculine body is an important indicator of consistent body exercise. It is therefore relatively sensible to accept that the body structure in this case reflects some preceding activity. It is a common occurrence that many people do make blind judgment based on the general perception that they always posses and this explains why the demonstration in this case exposes the level of belief people have about what they merely see (McGrath, Spear & Yzerbyt,2002). In essence, people should always apply critical assessment and evaluation of a person before making any premature inference. Mere physique does not qualify to indicate the attributes of the person or ability.

Logic is one of the tools that need to be taken care of in making decisions by somebody carrying out an interview. Any misjudgment is likely to give the organization a person whose performance may not necessarily conform to the observations made from first encounter in the interview panel.


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