Statement of Transfer

I look forward to joining a university in the US to fulfill my dream for a prosperous future. My decision is informed by the significant academic milestone, workplace exposure I have achieved in Wuhan University.

Last summer, I took some short courses at Columbia University, and my experience strengthened my commitment to transfer to the US. I was particularly impressed with my Corporate Finance and Business Communication classes. We learned to analyze through many channels—conducting due diligence, researching case studies, creating portfolios online, and presenting company strategy in front of its former CEO. My experience at Columbia University showed better quality of learning in the US than Wuhan University. I learnt that in the US universities, hands-on approach was a key element of the summer courses and this is another reason for my transfer.

I want to major in Economics and Mathematics which is offered at best in the US universities. In fact, my interest in Economics has steadily evolved into an intellectual passion that defines who I am today. Although adjusting to a new city and school will be a challenge, I am confident that I can thrive. In reflection to my two years at Wuhan, I learned to reach out for academic and internship resources by myself. In my freshman year, I took a summer internship in Full goal Fund Management Company. I Conducted equity research and wrote analysis reports for individual stocks every week, discovered my passion for the financial market, and settled on applying quantitative methods to analyze the stock market trend. However, considering the limited application of quantitative methods in the stock analysis in China, I opted to transfer the US where it is often used.

I am equipped with knowledge on Python and R language. Those online courses, along with other essays about applications of machine learning in financial industry opened doors for me to explore more in the world of financial engineering. I was able to apply Python and R to a later research in Microfinance industry and gained credits from the professor. I, therefore, want a transfer to use my proactive ability to take on obstacles, reach out to others and explore new challenges.

I took another internship to explore the field of mathematical finance. In Accenture Consulting, I worked on risk models to figure out the quantified risks for each technical department. I felt overwhelmed and excited in equal measure. That was when I decided my dream is to become a risk quant: analyzing economic trends, building mathematical VaR models in the field of financial engineering. Here comes the conflict: while the financial market in mainland China is booming, it is still not entirely open to foreign capital and does not offer the profession of risk quants. Considering the quality of education and the dream profession and intellectual passion I want to pursue, transferring to universities in the US is the best decision.

I am eager to transfer to enjoy flexibility in choosing courses and pursuing a well-rounded education. My current curriculum is fixed, and although my foremost focus is in Economics and Statistics, I believe the liberal arts approach will further equip me with a broader base of knowledge. With the longing for a wider range of course selection in a liberal art college, I am eager to explore my interests in computer science and philosophy, writing, and foreign language through the core curriculum and this achievable in a university in the US.

Completing my undergraduate studies in the US will enhance my development as a well-rounded person. This will be culturally valuable and socially rewarding to my personal career growth. I want to become a part of the campus life through activities, student clubs, and strong friendships in the US. Besides, I want to study and socialize with diverse groups of creative and studious individuals in a multicultural, competitive, and liberal environment in the US.


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