Statement of Purpose

George Washington University
The moment I joined an undergraduate program in Information Systems and Operations Management at George Mason University, I had just but the slightest idea on information technology. However, I was quite interested in the same owing to the growth of technology which has always fascinated me since childhood. I decided to invest all my time and energy in learning more about the field and gaining an even deeper insight into the disciplines related to the field and its deliverables. In this, I was successful to the extent that by the time I was half-way through my program, I already knew where I was heading regarding career choices. I knew that my future career is in information technology. My mentor in the college and also my close peers encouraged me to pursue the same. According to them, technology was already a part of my life, and I would enjoy doing something that I love better than anything else.
Throughout college, I engaged in activities, forums, and discussions related to business and information technology. Besides, I managed to complete courses in management information systems. Technology projects and system analysis and designs. All these courses were part of my training and research at undergraduate level. Further, I also managed to do courses in operations management, network and security. With this foundation, information technology became a very important field to me. It became a hobby and a career that I could not only perform exemplary good but also one that I could always have a passion for.
My final year in the undergraduate program was quite demanding for me as it encompassed both theory and research. However, I found the whole challenge quite transforming in my career and personal life. In the first three months, I had an opportunity to interact with a friend who is ICT technician in a local hospital. The opportunity came at a time when he was undertaking major technological improvement in the data management and informational systems upgrade in the hospital. Our interaction, therefore, gave me a passive exposure into the real life in my career. I was fully responsible for the data transfer, network management and security of the databases.
Moving forward to graduate school, I expect to find even more interesting academic environment that will assist me to overcome challenges in the field. I have also been able to work in deferent disciplines even before my undergraduate and thus have an experience in relating with other people. With more expertise on the same, I expect to improve on this and focus on a global solution to information system problems and help push the discipline safely into an already bright but challenging future. My definite goal is to obtain a master degree in Information Systems Technology, and I believe, therefore that a graduate degree in the University will propel me towards this. I wish to focus on building a system of more transparent and friendly information systems that are affordable and yet secure for use in the developing countries.

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