Sports mgmt (scouting)

Ineffectiveness of scouting/ or recruiting for players and signing them based on their numbers

Player scouting or recruiting and signing is a very challenging task in the NFL because several factors have to be identified before settling on a specific player. Recruiting of players in not an exact science; however, the signing of a world class player is not a guarantee for success (Lussier & Kimball, 2014). This is because not every prospect that cannot be missed is actually cannot miss. Therefore, it is justifiable to argue that scouting or recruiting for players in the NFL and signing players based on only their numbers such as goals per game, or assists per game among others is wrong because of the following reasons.

Firstly, numbers fail to provide the actual personality of the person or the way he carries himself around (Lussier & Kimball, 2014). A substantial portion of professional players in the NFL may have outstanding numbers in their careers; however, their behavior can be an obstacle and can create problems for the respective team. For instance, banning of players because of misconduct as well as because of steroid usage, congressional trials and confessions negatively impact the public image of the league in general and the image and perception of the teams in specific moving forward (Lussier & Kimball, 2014).  In addition, the banning of great professional players negatively impacts the performance of teams particularly if they are star players thereby impacting the team’s annual revenue. For example, for the NFL, the conduct issues of players off the field are all serious images issues that face the league (Lussier & Kimball, 2014). Getting the right player is crucial to the current as well as the future performance of a team. Teams in the NFL need to use many metrics in signing players.

Alternatively, scouting or recruiting for players in the NFL and signing players based on only their numbers is wrong because it does not help in recognizing intangible qualities which the scouts usually look for (Lussier & Kimball, 2014). Such qualities are very important for some sports such as baseball. Numbers do not help in signing a well-rounded athlete as well as a knowledgeable NFL player or baseball player (Lussier & Kimball, 2014). There is a lot that is able to happen between the time a good professional player is signed and when their eligibility runs out. For instance, a player recruited based on numbers may get injured and get caught up in legal woes thereby affecting their performance in the field. In addition, numbers may not result in a suitable player because it is an incomplete process. It does not enable scouts to extract every single detail about the player (Lussier & Kimball, 2014). For instance, the numbers used in selecting the player could be from only the days that the player performs the best. On the other hand, numbers may disqualify good prospects in case they are calculated on some of his worst days on the pitch. For the numbers to be relatively effectively, recruiting services or scouts need to track and rate prospects over a long period of time to capture both their worst and best times on the pitch (Lussier & Kimball, 2014).

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