Project Description: Using the work you’ve done over the course of the semester, you will develop a formal speech outline and deliver a formal speech that makes an argument about your issue designed to persuade your classmates, using presentation aids (e.g., slides or video). In this project, while you will be using the same research you drew on to write Unit 3, you are composing for a new audience in a new medium. Thus, your specific argument will probably change as well as how you structure it. For instance, if you addressed the difficulty of getting a summer job as an international student, your previous essay may have been addressed to lawmakers and suggested specific policy proposals to alleviate the issue. Your classmates, however, may be unaware of the issue so rather than delivering your solution in a proposal argument, you could choose to deliver an argument based on fact that aims to convince your classmates that your topic is a real problem that they should care about. Since this is a formal speech, you’ll also want to dress in a way that supports an appropriate ethos. Learning Goals: The goal is for you to use the information you have discovered to determine through an outline the most appropriate organization for your speech and deliver a speech to your classmates that is effective and persuasive, given what you know about OU students in general and your classmates in particular. By repurposing the research you have already done for a new audience in a new medium, you will see the necessity of always tailoring your argument to your audience and have a chance to practice new argumentative strategies and public speaking skills. You’ll also need to think carefully about your evidence. While a quote from the Torah might help gain you credibility with a devout Jewish audience, it might alienate or confuse a different audience. Considering all your research with a new goal and/or audience in mind illustrates the vital importance of rhetorical awareness. Requirements: A successful speech outline will: Adhere to conventions of formal speech outlines Fulfill the requirements of successful speeches contained below Cite all sources in MLA style Be 1000 to 1250 words as well as clear, organized, and carefully edited Requirements: A successful speech will: Offer a persuasive argument that addresses your audience’s beliefs and expectations Incorporate relevant primary and secondary research to support arguments Be effectively organized, considering your intended audience and goals Include relevant and effective visual aids Verbally cite sources Be no less than 8 and no more than 10 minutes in length Be effectively delivered, using a clear voice and appropriate body movements and gestures What it needs to include: Visual aid: props, models, graphs, images, posters, short audio (flash drive) Practice with aids, talk to audience, eye contact, on one side not behind u, aid only when necessary, if issue with aids make sure u can present without, watch out for font and colors 2 outlines : you and teacher copy (doesn’t have to be complete sentences) Body, 1. , A. 1 2 3, B. 1 2 3 transitions, timing, volume, presentation aids, source statistics, quotation notecard allowed( half page)
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