Social Media marketing

Introduction 1

Marketing of goods and services is the major reasons why firms continue to engage in their operations. The marketing of goods and services is vital as it ensures that customers are made aware of the existence of the product, its use, where it can be found and the price of the commodity. Therefore, the firm chooses the best platforms that can be used to reach the majority of the users faster and at a low cost. In this regards, digital marketing has become a major marketing platform for most of the firms.

The 21st century has been characterized by technological development. Almost every country in the world is experiencing a relatively cheap internet service (Jayaram, Manrai, & Manrai, 2015). The internet services available in most of the developing nations and the developed world have enhanced communication and research. For example, most of the youths from around the world are using the social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, and WhatsApp among other platforms. These social media platforms have turned the world into a global village (Samsunlu & Baş, 2016). This means that communication has been made much easier as people can chat, share experiences and many things at the click of a button. Firms are also using these platforms for communication and marketing of their products.

Introduction 2

Firms are seeking to employ some measures that would ensure their products are competitive in the market. This section introduces the advantages that a firm would achieve by employing social media in marketing its products. While considering this issue, the marketing department is required to employ marketing strategies that are cheap and effective. Social media marketing is effective as it lowers the cost of marketing. When marketing the product via the use of the normal media, one is required to publish the products in the newspaper and magazines, make posters and advertise the product on the television (Lamberton & Stephen, 2016). These media are expensive translating to the high cost of the product. However, the social media lowers the cost of marketing as it reaches a lot of clients within a little time (Skulme & Praude, 2016). The advertisement cost is much cheaper in social media such as Facebook compared to other media like newspapers and television.

The world is experiencing a lot of technological development. For any firm willing to battle other competitive firms in the market must be updated with the current trend used in communication (Kim, 2016). Social media help the firm to keep pace with development. Most of the people are using digital platforms such as phones and tablets to watch the news and read newspapers. These media are mostly connected to the social media platforms as they seek to keep pace with the social media users (Fulgoni, 2015). When the firm decides to use the social media as their marketing platforms, they get close to most of their clients that use the media (Zimmerman & Ng, 2015). For example, a firm may decide to create a twitter hurdle that will be used to give the customers immediate feedback concerning the availability and use of the product. The social media marketing is also suitable when the firm is looking to maximize the number of customers. Most of the present generation that constitutes the majority of youths and young adults are using the social media platforms for communication (Kumar & Natarajan, 2016). Most of them could be having thousands of followers. Therefore, when the firm uses the social media platform to market its products, it will as well reach thousands of customers within a very short time.


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