Sunset Scooters

Both the electric and the gas scooter models fall subject to the NHTSA regulations. This is because besides having motive power, they travel on at most three wheels in contact with the ground. In addition, they are powered by a motor which could either be running on gas or electricity.

In Indiana State, riding a moped does not require any registration or licensing. However, any rider below the age of 18 years must wear a helmet while riding. For motor-driven cycles, however, valid driver’s license and a driving permit are required. In addition, the state provides class endorsement certificates for each of the scooter classes. The driver of a scooter eligible for registration and licensing must be at least 18 years old.

Allowing scoters on public roads help facilitate faster movement even in areas that are not accessible to vehicles. When people can move with speed, they are less likely to get late to their workplaces. Scooters can pass through small lanes and passages to enhance convenience(Willems, 2012). Secondly, the scooters provide cheaper and more convenient mode of city transport. However, the disadvantages are that scooters when used on the same road as other vehicles lead to traffic jams and can even result in accidents. Secondly, many scooters will be required to serve a similar population served by a single bus(Schwegler, 2009). This increases air and noise pollution in the cities.

Sunset Expanding to Korea

When getting into a contract with the Korean firm, the company must solve issues related to the period of the agreement, sharing of responsibilities and human resources allocation. The nature of the agreement must also be agreed upon before entry. These are contractual and dispute resolution issues that must be observed.

On entry into Korea, Sunset as a company must consider licensing of intellectual property as a concern. This is because the company has a model of a new scooter that they will need to be protected. If for instance one tried to copy the models in the scenario, the licensed intellectual property would protect the company(Chang & Hong, 2002).

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