SBAR Summary


The policy is being proposed at a time when the country and the health sector, in general, is being faced with an increasing incidence of unfavorable hospital-acquired conditions. These conditions, popularized as hospital-acquired undesirable conditions (HUC) poses a great threat to the professionalism and quality of healthcare in the country. With the development of the Affordable Care for All Act, there has been a tremendous increase in patient population ion the hospitals thus increasing the likelihood of HUCs.


During the normal care provision in the hospital setting, there are situations that arise due to human and other types of errors in care that lead to undesirable conditions. The affected patients are forced to experience extended periods of hospitalization and unfavorable complications. This does not only have negative financial implication but also potential psychological and physical effects. Over the years, professional nurses under the umbrella of American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) have sought to train executive nurses to handle the situations in a proactive rather than reactive fashion. The process and training have been successful and resulted to improvement in the situations. With the increased population of patients in the hospitals, the situations are however becoming even more common in the recent years.


Hospital-acquired undesirable conditions cost the healthcare system in a total of $113billion in 2014. This is a huge amount of money that could be used to facilitate other development goals in the healthcare system. This has been caused by the increased number of people seeking care in the system while the expertise of the caregivers about prevention of the undesired situations is concerned.


Since the Affordable Care Act is a working policy that has improved health care delivery, there should be plans to ensure that the gains of the policy are not lost due to the undesired situations that lead to complications. Health professional training and development should ensure that there is proactive measure to handle the situation rather than react to it. The training should encompass nurses and other professionals directly involved in patient care and conducted under AONE.

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