According to SMS, management has a role in risk/hazard reduction. But isn’t that the job of the flight crews? Does this concept undermine the authority of the crew?  What information have you read in the readings or presentations that support your opinion?

It is recommended that safety accountabilities and responsibilities be assigned to the administration and workforce within the security related undertakings. This incorporates designation of accountabilities and duties regarding the safety of operations or the security execution of the entity, additionally for the safety management system’s implementation and operation of the service provider or operator in accordance with the defined security management roles.

Safety responsibility can be cascaded down or assigned inside the extent of the characterized work obligations, given that such a delegation is recorded. However, it is not possible to delegate safety accountability as it characterizes the commitment of the dependable individual to exhibit the satisfactory discharge of their safety responsibility.

Safety administration accountabilities and duties are usually allotted based on the organizational structure of SMS and general management structure of an organization. Ordinarily, the SMS lacks the ability to define safety accountabilities and obligations outside its scope as it fails to portray the general arrangement of assignment of duties inside the operational and specialized divisions and their inner security organization. In numerous associations, wellbeing accountabilities and obligations in connection to SMS are limited to administrators and staff that only carry out security management function.

The providers of aviation services have to distinguish the responsible official who, regardless of different capacities or functions, has an extreme obligation and accountability, for the benefit of the association, for the execution and upkeep of the SMS as per the ICAO Annex 19 prerequisites identifying with the implementation of the SMS. Besides, it a requirement that service providers appoint a security administrator who is in charge of the implementation and upkeep of a compelling SMS. The service providers or the operators are likewise demanded to recognize the security accountabilities of all management members with no regard to other functions.

Keeping in mind the end goal of guaranteeing the required security mindfulness and duty of all individuals within the safety-related tasks, the responsibilities, and accountabilities related to safety should be unmistakably and extensively characterized, documented and imparted all through the organization.

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