Professional Summary

Experienced Clinical Officer and Nurse who desire to obtain Chief Clinical Officer in the long-term. Looking to make a permanent impact on the department its procedures and policies and has proven ability to build team mindset and positive relationships with physicians and patients.


Core Qualifications and specific strengths

  • Exemplary people skills and customer service
  • Proven leadership abilities
  • Great variety of workplace experience resulting in a well-rounded skill set
  • Good problem solving skills leading to feasible future solutions
  • Ability to organize and coordinate large scale projects



Professional Experience:

2015-present:            Has worked with a medical doctor


2013-2015:                Has worked with two dental doctors


Research Projects worked on

  • Currently working on sickle cell advocacy project
  • In 2015, worked on Public health research on impact of living in a PG county on the people`s health
  • Also worked on cancer cell research in 2015



Education and Certifications:

Bachelor’s Degree

University of Maryland

Biological Science (Major)  


  • Phlebotomy
  • CPR
  • EMT


Language Proficiency:

  • English




Skill Name Skill Level Experience
Case Management Expert 1 years
Critical-Care Nursing Intermediate 8 months
Medication Administration Expert 2 years
Patient/Family Education Intermediate 6 months
Patient Advocacy Expert 1 years
Patient Assessment Expert 2 years


Volunteer Activities:

  • Health Worker during Earthquake Relief Program.
  • Conducted training course of health care workers on early diagnosis and treatment of HIV/TB co-infected patients in the region.


Additional Information

Regarded as team player and patient advocate who believe in patients’ empowerment through delivering nursing care and health education that improves wellness as well as quality of life.



Dr.  (Name)

Medical Doctor, (Name of institution)

Physical address

Phone Number:


Dr. (Name)

Dental Doctor, (Name of institution)

Physical address

Phone Number:

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