Report on psychological Assessment

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The assessment involved an adult with the following confidential profile material descriptions.

Name: Erick Smith

Date of Birth: 25th February, 1970

Chronological Age: 46 years and 4 months

Who was present: Caroline Smith

Interview time length:  2 hours

Date of Assessment: 1st May, 2017

Date of Report: 5th May, 2017

Method of selection: Never met before and was selected randomly

Party Present: Wife and children


Circumstance that influenced my Observation

Erick is 46 years 4 months old adult. He was preferred for the psychological evaluation and assessment in order to establish current physical, cognitive, social and emotional characteristics. Erick has had a very long history of poor work performance due numerous issues which he claimed to be personal. Despite the extensive and comprehensive counseling sessions after work, he has still failed to achieve his work goals on time. The influencing circumstances include poor job performance, later report, and sophisticated family issues.


Physical Characteristics

Even though he appears to have series of psychological problems and troubles, but Erick has naturally outstanding physical fitness with abundance of health. He has always maintained daily exercise in quest for physical fitness. This has always sustained his attractive appearance and his undoubted easy rapport as well as staying forthcoming to tackle his life obstacles. For over the five years, Erick has always maintained recommended physical body fitness making him to enjoy the strong feeling healthy life (Goldfinger, Karen, and Andrew 213). His status of physical fitness has always placed him at a position of having a strong motivation of performing his job tasks even though he has always terrible failed to demonstrate symptoms of work distractibility, hyperactivity and resistance. In fact, the most notable physical characteristics was his gradual decrease speed of perceiving and processing of different information as well as his subsequent frustrations both while at home and at work. In addition, Erick has always intended to hit his head with pen especially when his job tasks have become too boring or monotonous while in the offices. In that regard, restoring Erick’s abundance of physical fitness and sound health is the main future concern. However, Erick’s agreed that he feels to be having more life stress than when he was younger, especially pertaining to his family issues and workplace.

Cognitive characteristics

Erick’s cognitive processing and intellectual potentials were measured by the Cognitive Assessment System by Naglieri and Das and Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale-Third Edition. The WAIS III is an instrument used for the general testing of intelligence for adult over 16 years of age. It is comprised of fourteen main subsets which are divided into two main scales including performance scale and verbal scale (Biel, Anders, and Tommy 192). The evaluation of Erick’s potential of intellectual given various scores within the mean range of functioning after combining all of the subsets However; the general score that was obtained did not reflect Erick’s good cognitive capability for various areas. Nevertheless, there was a huge variation between performance organization and verbal comprehension. Attention deficit disorder was one of the serious cognitive concerns. According to the subjective data given by Erick, it is evidenced that his intellectual abilities have greatly reduced for over the last twenty years which was however associated with increased stress and other family issues which he did not expose claiming to be confidential. Neither Verbal nor mathematical skills had be altered or shifted. He also showed positive feeling towards technology and he most often use the technology such computer to perform most of job tasks. For crystallized and fluid intelligence, Erick was able to apply crystallized intelligence by using his earlier learned experiences and knowledge to solve various problems at work place. Also, he was able to apply fluid intelligence by solving new arising problems using logical reasoning though not as effective as before became fallen of stress (Goldfinger, Karen, and Andrew 316). He also enjoyed learning of new things. On his own, his was not able to note any change in the functioning of the memory however he exhibited slight changes. Active gaming and exercise was his preferable activity for increasing brain performance as well as elasticity. Besides, he embraces and employs Heinz’s situational dilemma in solving most of his life problems. He preferable belongs to Kohlberg’s third stage of moral development.

Social characteristics

Erick is quite social and likes spending most of his time in small groups especially work colleagues however he would most often switch off from participating in group conversations. He is a married man with one wife and two children of which he spares most of his time with. While he is out of work for holidays, Erick likes spending most of his time with the family. However, to him relation he enjoys with family and at times friends has never changed so far as compared to he was still young, perhaps insignificantly due to some family and job stresses. He comfortable describe himself as belonging to the second stage of Erik Erikson’s. No single time he has ever had any midlife crisis except the currently family and job issues which have solvable with commitment. Erick however claims that sometimes the parenting responsibilities prove to be quite challenging. He had no grandchildren. He has always enjoyed being part of the sandwich generation while caring for his family including his parents.

Emotional characteristics

Erick’s view of himself was found to have deviated since his time of adolescence. In addition, emotional status of Erick was the major focus of this the interview or assessment due to the concern of the reported depression as well as the long history his behavioral and emotional difficulties (Wright 162). Also, many signs of worries, anxiety, sleep difficulties and tension were reported. Apparently, Erick may so dependent on his mild old age and also associate with other people in an immature fashion. In addition, most of Erick’s interpersonal relations appear to be superficial and he most often applies somatic complaints to acquire others attentions. He however enjoys great feelings of being an independent person. He has also reported decreased self-esteem and his kids losing moral values is what he fears the most for the future. His job satisfaction and well being his family is what was reported to feel the most contented person in life. He however reported serious emotional disability. He also reported a strong feeling and perception of successful aging. Given another chance to enjoy younger ages, he would preferably like to hang around with his youthful colleagues. Spending holidays out of job with families is what he reportedly enjoys currently

Summary of personal reflection

Erick is a 46 years old man who was randomly preferred for the purpose of neuropsychological evaluation so as to determine his memory and emotional status and also to later on make appropriate recommendation concerning his treatment plan. He has consistently experienced many challenges and difficulties with paying attention and motivation at his workplace. There are also concerns that he may also signs attention deficit disorders in conjunction to the recently diagnosed dysgraphia. Otherwise, he has very good cognitive capacity that would easily allow him to benefit from his complicated therapy services. Effective treatment and viable recommendations for his job performance will hopeful eliminate certain obstacles to his success that would most often contribute to him developing feeling discouragements and frustrations especially when he is at work.



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