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The journey through adulthood is a contentious issue as many people hold stereotypical thinking towards it. My transition through adolescence towards adulthood has significantly put me through thoughts about the experience of aging. Like many other people, I associated aging with drastic loss in mental ability in line with highly deteriorating physical strength. The underlying assumption of such view on aging had been informed by the observation I frequently made across the aging people. Most of them showed deteriorating cognitive ability, poor hearing and vision, complained of Insomnia, Muscle pains, among other challenges. My assumption was that all aging people go through the aforementioned conditions owing to the sizable number of aging people complaining. However, a critical review of various scholarly books provides a vivid explanation of the underlying misconceptions that are associated with aging. In fact, Barbara, (2016, p.41), provides a motivational message on the normal nature of aging like other phases of life. After all, everybody must pass through aging before eventual death and hence the need to give it serious thought and treats it as any other stage of life cycle.

In her book The Journey of Adulthood Barbara outlines the physiological and psychological experiences during transition to late adulthood. I felt informed after a reflection on the real experiences of aging persons and possible remedies that can keep one strong, mentally sharp, and psychologically stable as it happens in other stages of life (Bjorklund, 2016,p.56). In fact my assumption has changed. I have noted that aging is equally interesting and satisfying as youth stage. The underlying reality is that social environment and economic status plays a key role in determining smooth and happy aging. Despite common biological challenges that characterize any aging person’s health, quality of life may significantly mitigate negative side effects. Far from my previous assumption that aged people are lonely, lack ability to work, sick, and have lost sexual desire, I have learnt that old people have the best of life if given proper care.

I have gained significant knowledge pertaining to the role of family, friends and physician on the life of aging people. Despite reduced physical functionality and deteriorating cognitive ability, good diet, consistent fitness, and regular medical checkup keep the old people healthy and happy. It is common knowledge therefore, that all the needs of the aging population are similar to the young and early adulthood. In essence, genetic factors play minimal role in influencing the outcome of the aging experience (Erber & Szuchman, 2015, p.65). Moral support, economic power, and personal initiative to train are factors that determine longevity and happiness of a person through aging. Despite reduced virility and libido among the aging, physiotherapy and diet can boost their performance for those that can still have such feelings. The issue of romance is part of life to the old age just as it happens among the young people. On memory and mental competency, aging boosts analytical skills which are reinforced by experience.

I have changed the way I relate with the aging. I embrace their inquisitiveness, enjoy their long stories, and tolerate their dynamic feelings. I have noted that aging is as normal as other stages of human growth and development except that it leads to the end.

The society should provide maximum support to the aging people. Significant social investment and dietary empowerment is critical in ensuring aging with limited challenges. The society should take initiative to share with the aging and note their feelings, experiences for appropriate support. More aging-related promotion need to be done to improve societal understanding and eliminate the myths surrounding aging.


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