I attended the first class for the honors project at the University on Wednesday. The class discussed introductory parts of my dissertation’s proposal which are requirement for graduation. I was surprised that we were only two candidates making a class for the honors project. Previously, I thought the class would be big, but that was not the case. Later in the day, two course instructors came and explained to us all that the project entailed. The instructors further told us that only a total of three students would take this class in trimester B. I realized how important it is to achieve such an honor if I would excel.

After the brief introduction, the instructor went through the course hand manual and asked us about the title of the project’s proposal. The other student gave a detailed explanation of the reason for her topic choice on the project. Her topic was interesting and relevant to the course. When it came to my turn, I explained the reason and topic I chose. I gave an in-depth explanation of the significance and relevance of the topic to the course and my career prospects. We wound up the session with a clear guideline for our next activities on the project.

One thing that kept me worried as I went to class was possible lateness. I felt it embarrassing if I could make it late for the first class, but was relieved when I found out that I arrived before everybody else. I waited for about ten minutes in class without anybody showing up. In fact, it was already past class time and asked myself whether I was in the right place. I was compelled to revisit my email just to confirm my worries and just then the other student came in. It is until she arrived and introduced herself as a classmate that I believed I was in the right place. In a matter of seconds, the instructor entered the class. She looked friendly from how she asked us to explain our proposals. However, I was stressed on whether my topic was good and the possible comment she would give on it.

I gathered courage, began to explain my topic and progressively gained confidence. The instructor made positive comments on my topic and gave pieces of advice on how to improve on it. The comments added value to my project proposal and helped me grasp basic ideas about its completion time frame.

The best part of the experience was a gained knowledge of aims and objectives of the critical review for the project. I started to layout information search strategy for the research project. What did not go well was my missed poster workshop. I received the email late and failed to attend.

My project topic was approved by the teacher, and I received good feedback on how to improve it. I think the topic was accepted because I explained its aims clearly. Besides, I got great comments on the topic title “For Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patient with a small node is the use of radiofrequency ablation or microwave ablation more effective to complete ablation of the tumor?” My project focused on radiology. However, one comment noted that the topic was not related to radiology.

I had to explain that the topic is part of interventional radiology procedure, and it is an important component of my line of work. I realized the mistake arose from my failure to indicate that the topic is part of radiology. I initially though I expressed the question clearly until I got the teacher’s comments. In that way, the teacher helped me improve on the question presentation and topic clarity.

My other worry was how to improve on the style of writing the topic for the research. I learnt that considering other people’s opinion would give me a new perspective of thinking and improving my writing skills. I am setting a plan that would help me improve on research question writing and topical analysis. I have enlisted the help of other people’s feedback before submitting the proposal to ensure I get a top quality topic.

So far I learnt that research paper requires creativity, precision and relevance. In essence, extensive consultation and in-depth information search play a central role in boosting the outcome of the study. Discussion groups and private study time are important in building knowledge on how to handle the different parts of the research.

While I was going through my research topic, comments and feedbacks, I noted several things. Among them was the significance of communication flow. Although the topic was good, I wrote it in a way that failed to meet the required standards. Besides, the teacher emphasized that it looked inconsistent with the proposal in regard to the way I presented it. I also learnt that the questions are derived from the aims. In other words, every part of the project is a prerequisite to the next step. If I successfully complete the project, I shall have gained much knowledge in my career.

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