Reflection on Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a music genre that overwhelmingly swept the young generation from 1970’s. It is worth to note that there seems to be a literary connection between Hip Hop and immigration into the US. The multicultural aspect of the American during the emergence of Hip Hop was characterized by difficult socio-economic times for the immigrants. Taking this quote into consideration, “ He was in the process of reinventing himself, creating a new identity”, Chang-Kool-Herce ,p.73, it can be sent that immigration compelled people to try and identify with America. Besides, Hip Hop gave rise to several crews that glorified freedom from shackles of political and economic chains. For instance, this sentence quotes, “ Corky Gonzales’s Crusade for justice in 1969 brought people from every corner…..”Hiphop-Chicano,p.102. A critical review of the text discussing this genre explores the widespread social injustice that dominated the world leading to the birth of Hip Hop. Although timeline vary, one sure thing is that Hip Hop sprung up amongst the young people who used it to express inner feelings towards the socio-economic and political circumstances. The creativity exhibited in Hip Hop indicates the potential among young people and the significance of energy channeled towards positive activities. The linguistic diversity seen in hip hop shows the exponential diffusion rate at which the genre spread. Although dominance is represented by African American, other cultures that include Spanish and others are not left out. As in this quote, “Herc’s parties drew in the crews,gave them a chance to strut their stuff and make their names”,Chang-Kool-Herce,p.80, it can be deduced  that Professional Dj is a key tool that promoted Hip Hop especially during events. Promotion of different Hip Hop crews was facilitated by DJs.

The major themes that can be extracted from the text in question include immigration, multiculturalism, and entrepreneurship. From the onset of Hip Hop history, significant numbers of artists are of immigrant status and embraced the genre to identify with peers. Activities like break dance were associated with immigrants trying to create a new way of life in different parts of the world. There is close link between the music crews coming from all over the world and redefining the music industry and multiculturalism. Although the America had a definite dream of achievers, the unprecedented influx of Latinos, Caribbean, and Asians among other communities enhanced the spirit of multiculturalism. This statement in Flores-Puerto-Rock “To speak of Puerto Ricans in rap means to defy the sense of instant amnesia that engulfs popular cultural expression ….”p.70, explains the spirit of cultural connection in the hip hop industry during early times. Close scrutiny of Hip Hop artists reveal significant correlation with people of diverse cultural background. To some extent, Hip hop can also be seen as a sign of rebellion by the young people who felt socio-economically sidelined. It can also be noted that even among the musicians, racism was surging as alliances were based on background for instance Puerto Ricans, Hispanics, Caribbean among others. The view can be supported by this statement “All of my crew, the whole crew, were Spanish, maybe two or three Black guys”Flores-Puerto-Rock,p.73

The emergence of music production companies and labels formed the basis of a lucrative entrepreneurship. To prove business gains of Hip hop this statement says “In another of their rhymes Latin Empire’s members address the music business itself,…”Flores-Puerto-Rock,p.81. It is worth to note that top hip hop and rock music producers generated large revenues. At the same time, mainstream media advertisement and popularity of the songs attracted more crews to the industry. The need to make the best sounds is attributed to the powerful instruments and amplifiers that have seen hip hop enthusiasts associate it with high energy. Music promotion and use of celebrities by the corporate world is evidently a product of the electrifying performance of various crews. Despite competition among the artists based on quality of music and message, the uniting factor was the goal of achieving. Recording deals were negotiated through competitive means and popularity was equally attributed to the reputation of the recording houses… “The early nineties have been watershed years for Chicano hip hoppers…”Hiphop-Chicano, p.101. Contemporary Hip Hop artist and fans enjoy diversity and easy accessibility due to the technology and globalization effect.



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