Reducing Re-hospitalization Rates for Heart Failure

Heart failure is one of the most common terminal illnesses that is affecting the elderly in the developing and developed countries (Foraker et al., 2011). Despite its treatability and ease of management, most countries and hospital experience increased re-admission rate of heart failure patients due to poor post-discharge management of blood pressure, diet and lifestyle. These increased rates are affecting the overall health services delivery and increase the economic, political and social disease burden (Desai & Stevenson, 2012). Since nurses are the ones fully in charge of patient’s discharge plan, they should be the ones to seek and implement solutions. Various articles and research reports have been compiled and are available with evidence on how the rate of re-admission can be reduced.
This is an online literature review. The review uses the keywords: readmission heart failure; reducing readmission; heart failure re-hospitalization’ and reducing re-hospitalization; to search for relevant literature in several databases including EBSCOHOST, CINHAL, PubMed and Medline. In addition some articles have been pulled from Medscape, American Heart Association a Health websites. The articles are summarized as shown in the table below.
Article citation Research/ Article type Level of evidence
Kaneko et al., 2015
Cohort Studies Unfiltered information Level IV evidence
Bradley et al., 2013
Meta-Analysis Evidence Synthesis Filtered Information (Critically appraised evidence synthesis) Level I evidence
Ziaeian & Fonarow, 2016
Best practice guide Unfiltered information. Level VII evidence
Kim & Han, 2013
Systematic Review Filtered information. Level II evidence.
Albert, 2016
Systematic Review Filtered information. Level II evidence.
Snyderman, Salzman, Mills, Hersh, & Parks, 2014
Expert opinion on the topic. Unfiltered information Level VII evidence.
Foraker et al., 2011
Case Series Analysis Unfiltered Information
Level IV evidence
Desai & Stevenson, 2012
Best Practice Guide Unfiltered information. Level VII evidence
Simpson, 2013
Expert Opinion Unfiltered Information. Level VII evidence.
Fleming & Kociol, 2014
Case Studies Report Unfiltered Information. Level VII evidence.

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