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Article Analysis

. The author’s argument is that the current understanding of gender and related disparity and discrimination issue are deeply rooted in the historical development and understanding of gender. From the reading, the author describes a fairy tale on the egg and the sperm. He expresses the scientific description in relation to male and female sexual characteristics such as menstruation and production of egg and sperm as successfully describing the feelings of science towards the males and females. For the males, the production of sperms is more remarkably expressed than the female menstruation that is seen as the failed productivity and hence loss and sloughing off of the uterine material.

By using the fairy tale, the author attempts to introduce the biological differences in how people perceive both genders. However, he compares two issues that are completely different and focusing on different aspects of life. The reading compares the egg and the sperm based on menstruation and sperm production, which are two different biological processes.

On the biological anomalies that face both males and females, the reading expressively describe that in the sixteenth century, these anomalies were perceived differently in males and females. For the androgynous males, their ability to reproduce even with the biological anomalies made them appear superior to the females who had similar anomalies. This is because the females could not reproduce normally and were therefore labelled deficient. This further created the gender disparity issues that brought about the development of the feminist movements in China and other parts of the world.

Although the author effectively explore the issue of biological anomalies from the ancient Chinese perspective, he limits the reading to this perspective and assumes that the reader will be contented with the perspective. The author would have instead explored further ideas of the same point by including different perspective for the benefit of supporting the argument.

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