Quantitative Analysis techniques

PMBA 6312 Final Paper Requirements

Choose a business or organizational problem that you may be able to solve with Quantitative Analysis techniques.  Do a survey of literature on your topic or problem and include that in the paper (2 to 3 sources). While you will not collect data or do data analysis for this paper, the paper will include your description of the following steps.

1. Identify and define the problem (and include literature review summary)

2. Determine set of alternative solutions

3. Determine criteria to be utilized to evaluate alternatives

4. Evaluate Alternatives

5. Choose Alternative

6. Describe implementation

7. Describe evaluation process.

Follow APA guidelines with a maximum of 5 pages.

Grading Rubric







Content- the paper must meet the basic tenets of the assignment to obtain an 80% or higher rating

Organization- the paper must be well organized and logical to obtain a rating of 80% or higher

Format- The technical aspects of the typed paper must conform to standards in order to received an 80% or more

Readability- This section will provide the most important part of the grade, the paper must be of high quality and well written to receive a grade of 90% or above


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