Proposal about “Technical Manual on How to use Espresso Machine”

Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage hence making it an essential component in the lives of people. The espresso machine has emerged to be the best remedy for coffee lovers given its ability to produce coffee within the shortest time possible and its portability. The machine combines different functionalities in order to optimize the convenience aspect. For instance, it can serve as in the crushing process of the coffee as it has an inbuilt crusher, apart from that, the machine also has a warming mechanism which can be used in boiling water or milk which are both integral in coffee making. However, the operation of the machine calls for experience for its users as the process for coffee production involves a number of steps. It also lends credence to the fact that there is a wide range of coffee varieties that can be brewed using the machine. The technical manual will analyze the different parts and features of the machine, the items required for the making of coffee and the steps to be followed in order to produce the coffee (McGrew, 45).

By elaborating the technical manual on the use of the espresso machine, a myriad of  challenges which arise in the coffee production process will be deal away with effectively. The challenges range from simple aspects such as the maintenance and proper handling of the machine to the different techniques that can be utilized in the production of the different brands of coffee. The manual provides a systematic guide to the procedures to be employed. As such, the possibility of encountering mechanical challenges in the handling of the machine is curtailed. Apart from that, the manual also allows the user to understand the wide array of the products that can be produced hence maximizing on the machine and the same time allowing them to sample different products for variety purposes.


In order to acquire the information necessary for developing the manual, I will analyze information published in different sources. This will include both printed and online materials. In doing so, I will be able to bring together information pertaining the coffee production aspect using the espresso machine. The published works specifically contain information amassed by those who have conducted experiments in this field. After analyzing the data from different sources concerning the coffee beverage production, I will then put the details together. I will start by describing the different parts that make up the espresso machine. From there, I will list all the requirements pertinent in coffee production. After that, the steps, which should be followed in order to come with the different types of coffee beverages, will be highlighted in detail. The formula that will be used in the analysis process will entail the determination of the most recent information in terms of publication dates to the specificity of the information contained. The profession of the author will also be taken into consideration as it greatly influences the credibility of the information conveyed in the texts (Weir, 90).

Qualifications and sources

The research and analysis techniques that I have acquired since the start of my university course will come in quite handy in the development of the technical manual for on how to use the espresso machine. It is from such knowledge that I can look into different information sources and determine the most appropriate material for the development of the manual. Apart from that, the ability to organize different components in order to come up with a useful whole will be necessary in the process of putting together the different pieces in order to come with a manual that is not only comprehensive but also orderly. My interest in this field is also another aspect which has always made me desire to conduct research in this field. Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by how coffee has always worked wonders in its refreshment aspects. Besides it being a refreshment, coffee has always been a drink which can turn dull moments into blissful moments. Therefore, the desire of fostering the knowledge of how the beverage can be made even much better has always been my area of interest (Fox, 67). On the other hand, my professional affiliations have given me an opportunity to analyze different information materials in a quest to solve the aspects that can be regarded as normal life activities with an aim of simplifying them. Coffee is one such aspect that affects many lives and hence its elaboration and simplification can lead to the betterment of many lives.

The resources which will be consulted include, the cuisine art espresso booklet manual , How to use an espresso machine by Dicherri, How to make espresso by Elliot, How to brew the perfect cup of coffee espresso latte and other concoctions, Pasquini Livia user manual, and what the heck is a potter filter- potter filter explained. All of the highlighted sources have published online and hence will be accessed from the online platforms.

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