Promotion Management

Promotion Management

Target market to be reached

As a mobile photo studio, one of the targeted business opportunities will be events such as weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties, conferences, award ceremonies and other forms of celebrations. Another target group will be advertising agencies that are seeking to promote the goods and services of other companies through advertising platforms such as billboards, magazines and newspapers. In order to be more competitive, I will carry photos of my past works to demonstrate my level of expertise as well as make reasonable quotations for any given job.

Families especially those with children offer another potential target market for the mobile photo studio business. The families can be divided into those with elementary, high school and college graduates. These target customer groups are inclined towards digital photography since the current era is marked with posting of digital images on the social media platforms such as Facebook. Affordability of the services will increase penetration into these targeted customer base hence it is important to make the prices more flexible and increasing the ability to send the photos through electronic means. I will target sport activities so as to shoot live games and to sell the images to publishers of sport magazines and newspapers. I will also target fans and spectators at sport events who will be glad to have their photos taken alongside their favorite players and games in action.




How to reach the target market

In order to gain access to events such as weddings, graduations, parties among other, I will get in touch with the organizers such as wedding planners, conference coordinators and hotel managers at an early date before the day scheduled for the event. This will allow me to gain unlimited access as well as be informed in advance of the expectations of the event. The people to be contacted in the case of advertisement agencies include creative directors who have been tasked to undertake a particular advertising campaign. I will need to create a good rapport with the contact persons so as to increase my chances of being selected for the opportunity due to the fact that there is very stiff competition

To reach out to the families, I will contact the wives or other female members of the family. This is due to the fact that women are the one who makes purchasing decisions on the family. I will be moving from one neighborhood to another targeting the events that bring several families together such as birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving, Christmas celebrations and Easter. By attending one event, I will be able to obtain contacts for people who may need my services in the future. I will seek to offer high quality photography since most of the photos that people take through their cell phones are of low quality and cannot be printed for display. I will seek gain sports contracts through sport editors and art directors of companies dealing with sport magazines. I will need to update myself with sporting events in various parts of the country so that I mark my calendar in regard to the events.


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