Product Recalls

  1. Identify one food or beverage product that has been recalled in the last 30 days and how the process was provided to the public?

Over the past month, there has been several food recalls for various reasons. The notable one is products recalled for salmonella which is a Romaine lettuce sold in Nevada and California and fresh sprouts. On the other hand, bagged salad greens and cheeses and ice cream were recalled for Listeria monocytogenes.

The process was provided to the public through FDA who first received reports of health problems through many reporting systems. They then alerted the public due to the serious hazard. Since the recalled products were widely distributed, the news media was used in reaching large numbers of people. FDA issued press releases and posted updates on its website to alert the people.

  1. What are the procedures that you as a consumer must follow if you have a food or beverage product that has been recalled?

FDA recalls a product and removes it from the market so as to protect the public from serious hazards. For instance, the pregnant women were cautioned against soft ripened cheeses as well as deli meats due to the potentially abortion-causing bug in them.

A consumer has to either return the product to the company for it to be destroyed or suitably reconditioned. On the other hand, they can destroy such a product themselves in case it does not need recondition. Finally, in case they had used such a product, they can visit a health institution for check up and corrective actions.

  1. What do you do if you have a problem with a particular food product?

In case one has a problem with a particular food product, they can notify the FDA for proper investigation why the product in defective in the first place. This ensures that the product is given a proper FDA labeling.

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