Product-Market Focus

Product-Market Focus:

1. The key information in this section relates to the strategy that will be employed by the company as well as a description of your target market for this new product (see Chapters 8â9).

2. Keep in mind that you must be able to identify PODs (Points of Difference) and differentiate your product (brand) from those of your competitors.

3. Finally, you should discuss your positioning strategy for your new product (brand). You should revisit Chapters 8â10 which discuss the issues that a brand manager faces such as the position of your product on the industry. This will influence your marketing mix strategy (the last part of the Marketing Plan).


Using the Attached document of compiled efforts regarding MGM Resorts, simply write a strong paragraph regarding Question 2.

*You may complete this work on a separate Word.doc and submit that rather than inserting it into the original document.

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