Privacy Policy

Before working on the client’s first order, we often receive some obligatory personal information from them such as name, email address, contact phone number and country of residence.

Such information is used for the following purposes:

  • Making a personal account on It is easier to track client’s orders and record their preference if they are registered in our system. It also helps in attending to the clients quickly and proficiently.
  • Getting in touch with the clients. If our customer support department has personal information such as contact information, they are able to contact them immediately in the event of an emergency. Returning clients do not need to provide us with their personal information all the time, you only need to sign in your previous account, fill the order form and the order will be registered in our system.
  • Changing or customizing our website in accordance with the needs and preferences of our clients. It may provide us with able to get feedback and remarks from our clients regarding our company or website that need to be considered.

Information Security

All the information our client provide is stored safely on our server. At we are extremely concerned with the security of our clients’ personal information and that is the reason we have invested into acquiring reliable protection systems. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system will be used to protect the private and general data our clients provide. Also, we will only use verified payment processors in processing a payment and no client’s information will be stored on the payment processors’ server.

Cookies Usage

Cookies are small text fragments transferred from our company’s server to the computers of our clients. They placed on the hard drive of a computer only if the client allows this action. With the help of cookie files, the company can screen and track activities of the client on our site and get extra data, such as browser type or type of the connected device. Cookies help up in receiving valuable information that permits us to improve our website and services. However, after a specific request from you, we can quit using the cookies of your browser.

Third Parties’ Access to Information

At our company, we seek to uphold privacy for all our clients and therefore, your personal contact information is not shared with any third parties. We therefore, guarantee 100 percent protection of the personal information of our clients.

We give access to the database containing the personal information of our clients to the authorized staffs only to process orders. However, we may have to reveal such personal information only in some rare and individual cases, for example: protecting the rights of the company, strengthening the policies of the company. On the other hand, the company has a right to reveal non-personal information to market or arrange for surveys.

Compliance with the Online Children Privacy Protection Act

Our services are in compliance with the COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) guidelines, meaning our company is not allowed to offer or provide services to individuals under 13 years old. However, any individual beyond 13 years old is permitted to use the services we provide. This Privacy Policy alludes to information collected online only; however, any other personal data, which is gathered offline, is excluded in this Privacy Policy, and our company will not bear responsibility.

Users are encouraged to read the Terms and Conditions portrayed on this site completely for them to be sufficiently informed of their rights. Individuals automatically accept our policies and rules presented on this website by using our services.


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