Practice Coding Sheet

Communication Research-2011-Gibbs-70-100.pdf

  1. Rationale, pg 73

Research supports the creation of a mutual respect atmosphere and support at the workplace, where the employees feel safe in expressing their views and concern, where a sense of common identity is supported. Impacts of a positive workplace environment on employees communication engagement and achievement is grounded in developing and implementing a tailored communications strategy around building support from the influencers who affect the company activities directly. Apart from moving the volatility of a company’s market value, communication also improves trust and shareholder value.

  1. Research subjects, 75-77

Researched on interpersonal and organizational communication in an organization. More specially, the channels of communication used at the organization between the subordinates, supervisors, and managers, and the top management.

  1. Research Questions/ Thesis, 79

This article evaluates different channels of communication in the organization as well as the employee autonomy to air their grievances to the top management. The article also illustrates communication between to employees or among a small group of employees in achieving the goals and objectives of the company.

  1. Methods, 81

For three months, Gibbs shadowed the subordinates and the management as a form of participant observation, as well as recording field observations. Gibbs conducted an in-depth interview with 4 managers and 32 employees. Additionally, he had 78 questionnaires filled in by the employees. This led to a compilation of 122 pages of data.

  1. Findings, 86-94

In applying Porter’s framework to communication strategy in an organization, Gibbs outlines the roles of the “research buyers” such as the journal subscribers, faculty members, editors, and reviewers in an organization. He also outlines language barrier, nonverbal cues used at the work station, and conflict resolution skills.

  1. Extra information that might be useful (such as the theory supporting how the demographics of the employees could have affected the study).

This article presents the significance of effective communication in an organization to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. Additionally, the article offers important practical implications for those interested in communication inquiry.

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