Posting Summary

We all come into a conclusion that the Italians loved every piece of art they did. The Roman Empire includes mosaic work, sculpture, paintings, and architecture made in the territories of the Roman Empire and in Ancient Rome. The most attractive Rome art works were the Trajan’s Victory Column and the arches as it showed a sense of power in Rome on its people. More specially, Maricela Reyes found the Interior of the Pantheon more interesting. The Interior of the Pantheon was an ancient building which was dedicated to the entire Rome gods. The idea to have the building came from another artwork known as the Maison Carrie temple since the Romans got more ideas and inspirations from other pieces of art work to come up with another. The building is a clear demonstration of how strong and intelligent the Romans were that we in the contemporary society can’t match. An idea from another piece of work gives an artist another idea or diverse possibilities to create so many different and versatile art works. Through this, art is made a form of self-expression or a statement where an artist brings out an idea that cannot be seen or felt easily. Art in the ancient Rome reflect the society as it builds up the human spirit and then building up a culture. Beverly Aguilar avers that the theory of art among the Romans carry a story that has a meaning that they believe in. their art also has information about God and what they are capable of hence building up their culture. Lastly, the Roman art of work expressed their power and their effort in protecting its people through their military power.

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