Pope Francis & Laudato Si

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The slogan “I am Climate Change. I am the Cause. I am the Solution” as it was used by the Catholic Relief Services means individual’s personal responsibility for the protection and conservation of the environment. The slogan was used by the Catholic Relief Services to help pursue the catholic climate covenant which was made to support U.S bishop advocacy on the climate change both internationally and domestically. Through the slogan, the catholic community is encouraged to team up and from Creation Care Team in their own Parish and work together with their pastors in order to integrate Laudato Si’ to be part of the life in the parish. Through the slogan, the Catholic Relief Service urges the urges the lawmakers to respond to the issue of national carbon pollution. This is so since the agreement strength at the Parish Climate Conference would only depend on the dedication of the United Sates to help reduce the emission of the greenhouse gasses. In addition, the slogan was formed and preferred since it appears to have the potential of creating personal awareness for people to be accountable in conserving the environment. It therefore means we are part of the climate, we contribute to its pollutions and at same we are capable of bringing solution to the climate issues such pollution and depletion of the natural resources including water.

According to slogan, it is very God gave the mankind the climate to use appropriate however we most often fail to do the right and cause the pollution of the climate through careless use of the available resources. Natural resources such as water help shaping our futures, balancing our environment and should therefore be used conservatively. Besides, fresh drinking water should be considered as an issue of primary significance because it is inevitable in the human life as well as for supporting the life aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem.  For example, Pop Francis’ main approach to the issue is achieving a balance environment where he cautions against excessive use of technology to the extent of destroying our climate. Pope draws the attention of the catholic community on the importance of water and he referred to water as more just the basic human life. It is an irreplaceable and an essential element necessary for life continuity and therefore should be handled with a lot of care and protection. He even adds that technology seems to absorb everything into its ironclad logics which should at all cost should not be the case. This emphasized on the theology, ethical and institutional policy focusing on the issue of access to fresh water in the global churches. According the Catholic Social Teaching, this means to strongly help invoking the great of natural order to earthly, cosmic and peace human existence. Still under the context of the slogan in relation to water as one of the natural resources considered as one of the most important commodity for human right to life, human beings are being urged to adopt the spirit of stewardship, which is the wise and the protection of the fresh water resources.

In this regard and as part of environment conservation, human being is urged to see and perceive how the fresh is central and a basic to life. Human being is bestowed the responsibility of stewarding the fresh as a resource for the sake of benefiting every living creatures both for today and in the future. This is therefore is in line with the main concept of integral ecology, which by the definition has been simply referred to as the key concept in the chapter four of Laudato Si’ and Pope Francis understanding of the environment.  Integral ecology can therefore be defined as the central theme of Pope Francis encyclical on ecology and the climate particular due out of the summer season. In other words, it refers to the ecology whereby all the components of the environment are interconnected together and mutually depend on each other for sustainable environment.




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