(Physiology Research) Effects of Different Music Type on BP and Heart Rate

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(Physiology Research) Effects of Different Music Type on BP and Heart Rate


By observing the graphed results, the results obtained conform to the hypothesis made before. The four participants that is, Maria, Ann, Diane and Samantha maintained relatively higher heart rates than the baseline when were subjected to listen to metal music. The heart rates however were lower than the baseline recorded before the experiment particularly when the participants were listening to country music. The four participants also had maintained relatively higher blood pressures when they were listening to the metal music than when were listening to country music. This could be attributed to the procedural issues and psychological differences including like and dislike of certain music genres by the participants. The participants however maintained a relatively higher heart rate than the baseline when listening to rap music; however the difference was more significant when the heart rate result was compared to when the participants were listening to no music. Although less significant, metal music seems to lower the heart rate relatively faster than when compared to country music or when no music is played.


Music has direct physiological impacts on human health which contributes variation in the both the heart rate and the blood pressure depending on an individual’s music preference and genre or nature of the music. Therefore, music with relatively high intensity peak or tempo such as metal would cause increase in the heart rate and the blood pressure than music with lower tempo such as country music.


In summary, music plays a significant role in human life especially in determining the physiological activities including heart rate and blood pressure. Therefore, music should be selectively played taking into consideration the nature and the physiological preference of the audience or the listeners


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