Personal statement

Personal Statement

The best way I think of education is a chance to change a life. I believe in education as the life itself and not just efforts to prepare for life. In my life, I have never stopped learning. My life has always provided me with lessons that have created and made me strong. My name is Xzao Tsing Huang, a Texas-born young adult of Chinese descent.

Although I was born in America, my mother suggested that my sister and I should learn Chinese and so we grew up in China only to come back in 2007. By this time, we were already big children, and I had personally developed interests in soccer. However, our return was faced with massive changes ranging from the interests, food types, supports and even music types. I was, however, able to cope and have since developed a deep interest in basketball, golf, and American music.

I started my middle school at Huntington Middle School where I joined the school band and learnt to play the clarinet. Later I joined San Marino high school and became part of the concert band for one year. After graduation from high school, I have worked as a manager at Kings Buffet and also started a clothing business on eBay and Amazon. My interest in business has driven me to have an interest in studying business as a major in the university to lay a foundation for my master’s degree in business and also assist me in running my business.

I have participated in voluntary service work with the homeless at Pasadena church and also in the school library and other events. In my free time, I like listening to music, playing basketball and fishing. I also like spending time with family and friends.

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