Personal statement for msc in construction management

I am applying for a place for the MSC in construction management course at Salford University because I am extremely interested in the topics that are covered on the course. My interest in construction management was first aroused when I began working with my dad so as to earn some money during holidays to spend when I went back to college. This interest was further aroused during my undergraduate studies at Salford University where I did my undergraduate in civil engineering. One is not able to understand the importance of a good construction manager in the success of the project and it is due to my recognition that I decided to advance my education and career in thus field. my main interest in this field is because of its stimulating and rewarding nature as well as due to the fact that I possess excellent observational, analytical and critical skills that have enabled me to excel in mathematics and science.

My main future ambition is to become successful and qualified construction manager so as to be able to get sufficient experience in management as well as engineering to be used in running and expanding a family-owned business. To that regard, the construction management program that your institution offers will greatly help me realize my dream. Toward the end of year 2010, I had seen my future career path, heading towards Business management because I possess appropriate skills required in solving problems, motivating teams and effectively communicating with other people to get jobs done, all skills and abilities which can likewise be transferred to construction management. This profession will offer the challenge of having to find solutions for issues every day and the guarantee that no two employments will ever be indistinguishable yet in particular it will imply that I get a considerable measure of time to spend outside in the fresh air and cool summer days. I have additionally chosen to undertake this course since I would like to be a future decision maker, and, in this manner, it will be fundamental in showing me how to assemble or get valuable data and information, show me its significance and furthermore help me in knowing how to utilize such data and information in making better decisions for the business.

I am specifically keen in studying at your institution because of its international reputation of providing the best construction management courses as well as its ability to attract a variety of students which is a stimulating environment for one to study a masters level. Having undertaken my undergraduate course in this institution, I have discovered that the university offers excellent working as well as recreational facilities to the graduate students which imply that the university has a high commitment to the graduate student body. The university also stresses academic and personal integrity which helps students in getting out of the program with excellent professional values like stewardship, transparency and integrity which are core values of a good manager. This also encourages the concept of good corporate governance and accountability.

I am applying to your university since it has a strong global focus, it is highly regarded and respected and the graduate courses you offer are completely applicable to the current business environment. It is very vital to me that my future employees and business partners realize that I have undergone a rigorous degree at a renowned institution such as yours. I believe that I am fit to your program because I aim at attaining a high 2.1 which I hope demonstrates my academic ability to undertake this course.

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