Patient Safety

According to the Texas Board of Nursing’s Notice of Disciplinary Action website, there are two nurses whose licenses were revoked due to patient safety infractions. The two nurses whose identities are withheld had their licenses revoked in the year 2016. It is important to note that the revocations came after a series of various verbal and formal warnings which were allegedly ignored by the nurses. The two nurses faced the disciplinary actions against them due to patient safety infractions. This is because according to the law of the land (Section 301 and 452) and the nurse’s code of ethics they haphazardly handled their patients. In these circumstances, the nurses are accused of financial exploitation and breaching the nurse/patient boundary (Savage & Ford, 2008).

In the first instance, the nurse if accused of illegally soliciting funds from the patient. Although the nurse argued that it was a gift from the patient, it is perceived that the nurse caused financial loss to the patient and the other dependants. As such the nurse made the patient financially vulnerable and susceptible. A preferential confusion is also perceived to have occurred between the needs of the nurse and that of the patient.

In the second instance the nurse is accused of engaging in an intimate relationship with the patient. This not only breached the Texas Occupations Code but also constituted sufficient grounds for disciplinary action according to sections 301 and 452. By so doing the nurse disregarded the medical needs of the patient and sought to meet personal needs. The nurse also cause emotional distress to the patient (Texas & West Group, 1999). The nurse actually injured the personality if the patient.

Given that these two actions breach the various acts and codes regarding the conduct of nurses in and out of their line of duty, both the nurses can be actually held legally responsible and charged in the court of law. Their nurse could also be held accountable by the virtue that they perform oversight responsibility over the nurses placed under their watch. In such cases, as a nurse leader, I would counsel the nurses against such conducts and advise them to abide by the code of regulation. As a leader I would also encourage the nurses to always be open and share their issues whether financial or emotional. It would also be needful to advice the nurses under me to ensure all their needs are met according to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This would alleviate unnecessary intimacy with patients (Child & Institute of Medicine, 2004).

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