Overview of the Dream Act


The United States of America will have finally accepted the Dream Act that will be used to empower the illegal immigrants that can now acquire permanent citizenship in various States. However, the Act may lead to some threats both the economy and the welfare of the country. This section provides an overview of the strength and weaknesses of the Act to the government of the United States of America. As stated, the implementation of the Act will cost the government a huge deal of resources including millions of dollars. However, the Act would see the government recover the cash through increased revenue.

Strength of the policy

The implementation of the DREAM Act means that most of the immigrants will have access to higher education. It is common knowledge that we all have different talents that can be harnessed through education. The millions of people who will become genuine citizens of the United States of America could bring with them these talents (Welner, & Chi, 2014). Upon their realization through higher education, the immigrants will be able to generate millions of cash into the country. Some of the immigrants would turn to be great investors in various industries increasing the goods and services to foreign market. In this case, the dread act would be beneficial to the government and its population.

Secondly, the dream act will directly contribute to the growth of the economy. Normally, illegal residents in the United States of America prefer to work in the fields that are not directly taxed by the government. The poor levels of education and the huge procedures that are followed by the immigrants before they are permanently absorbed as citizens does not allow to grow their education to levels acceptable for better jobs. In addition, these people live in the fear that the ones they are found to be living in the country without proper documents will be deported. The dream act gives them hope for a better future and will work hard to get a proper education with the expectations of getting a well-paying job. At last, these people will get the desired jobs that taxed by the government contributing to the revenue basket.

Weaknesses of the policy

The dream act is seen as a means of increasing illegal migrants to the United States of America (Perez, 2010). Many people from other countries always desire to work and live in the United States of America. The United States of America are often referred as the land of opportunities. The government has a strategy that allows a specific number of foreign to earn an American citizenship. These strategies include the popular issue of Greencards as a lottery to some countries. Since the dream act will offer the opportunity to illegal migrants, they will be trying to use illegal means to enter the country. Therefore, an increase of illegal migrants will be witnessed in the United States of America.

Allowing the dream act to take place means that the resources provided by the government to the public will be limited. The number of people enjoying the free education, subsidized health and housing will increase forcing the government to dig deep and spent more for its citizens.


The dream act will be vital to the government of the United States of America as well as to the immigrants. However, it will be crucial for the government to ensure strict rules are put in place to restrict an influx of the illegal immigrants. When this is done, a balance between the population and resources available in the country will be ensured.




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