Organizational Behavior

What is a group? A work team?

A group is a collection of individuals that have a working relationship focused towards a common goal. A work team is a group assigned a given task to complete in line with the rules and regulations that govern the organization. Members of a group or team subscribe to one organization culture, standards, and objectives.

Explain four aspects of group behavior. How can each aspect help or hinder the group’s functioning?

One aspect of group behavior is group cohesion which refers to the strong interpersonal bond that glue members together. Cohesion is a hindrance to groupthink. The social loafing is another aspect of group behavior in which members fail to sacrifice their time, thoughts, efforts, and other resources towards the achievement of the group’s goals leading to possible conflict. There is also the loss of individuality in which members loses the sense of accountability, and lacking responsibility over personal behaviors. This aspect frustrate the progress of the group as it promote aberrant behavior. Norms of group behavior is critical in facilitating execution of assigned tasks.

Describe what happens in each stage of a group’s development according to Tuchman’s five-stage model. What are the leadership requirements in each stage?

Forming is the first stage in which roles are not clearly defined and the leader has the responsibility to give direction and deal with the anxiety as members get to know each other. Storming is the second stage where members are aware of their roles but begin to apply their unique approach to work. At this stage, conflict is likely and members can challenge the authority of a leader if clear cut goals and execution plan is not given. He lead must define roles, explain method of working and divide work accordingly. At norming stage people have understood each other and able to appreciate differences and settle to work for common goal. The leader need to promote participatory decision-making to promote socialization and inclusivity. Performing stage marks the climax of the group’s ability to focus on work with a common goal to achieve set target. The leader need to delegate to enhance efficiency at this stage. Adjourning stage involves dissolution of the group since the task is completed. It is an emotional stage for members who are uncertain about the future and can’t stand the disconnection with friends. The leader should counsel to improve transition.

Describe the four characteristics of a mature groups

A mature group is focused on one common purpose and mission. It has clearly and precise ethical standards and work norms. Such a group also exhibit a tight cohesion among members and embrace a flexible status within its structure.

What are the benefits and potential drawbacks of self-managed teams?

Self-managed team has the potential of imparting a positive attitude on employees with exception on rate of turnover and absenteeism. Besides, such a group work close to each other, make decisions easily and have significant influence on quality improvement.

Discussion questions

Answer Q1

The best group I ever joined was the class discussion group in my first semester. The group had a strong leader that was motivational, tolerant, and proactive. Besides, there was a strong cohesion among members, respect for diversity and commitment to the goal which was to get better grade.

Answer Q2

In high school, I worked with friends in a class assignment and was overtaken by peer pressure to skip some lessons. At one point I felt that I could not embrace some of the goals of the group that was to attend dance as a way of developing career. I felt the need to disengage from the group. However, I realized that the power of friends is overwhelming and I continued to abscond from classes, severely ruining my future.

Ethical dilemma

If Hank recommend Jason for the sake of promotion that is attached to higher remuneration, and other incentives at the expense of the company’s goal, it would amount to utilitarian approach to ethics. On the other hand, although Jason deserves the promotion, he should consider what is right over what is good for him. In that regard, Hank should not recommend Jason, enhance better outcome from the project that will go a long way in serving the entire team and the public.


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