Occupational Psychology: to analyse the training and development practices of an organisation

Occupational Psychology: SDC

Self-Development Consultancy is a consultancy company established under the United Kingdom’s laws on health and safety. The company was registered and incorporated in 2000 as a consultancy firm. The main objective of the company has, for all these years, been to establish the connection between individuals and their life. The focus, under this objective, has been the self-development of the young people and especially those leaving secondary school to colleges and tertiary institutions. SDC as a company is comprised of more than seventeen experts in education and psychology. The company consists of three major departments under a common secretariat that is involved with the general planning and management. The departments include SDC Health and safety, SDC Drugs and Substance Abuse, and SDC Special Needs. The Health and Safety department in the company is concerned with the school health and safety and plans all the activities related to these issues in schools and education institutions around the city and the suburbs.

In this school, the most important observation is that the school has a river that passes through a section of its land. The river is of major interest to most of the students, and although cautionary measures have been put to ensure the safety of the students, some issues have are still present that are of health and safety concern. In such an instance, the company comes in to help the school and the students to understand the implications of such a feature and what its presence means to the school, the health and safety of the students. This consultancy assists in ensuring that the school can make good use of the resource while still actively preventing dangers that may arise from the use of the resource.

The school, being a private property has been in existence in the locality for twelve years now. During this period, the management has had to deal with up to ten issues regarding the safety of the students due to the proximity of the river to the playground. In one incidence, the management had to heavily compensate a parent for the loss of a child who drowned in the river. This was after a fierce battle in court which heavily affected the reputation of the school to the extent of the student’s population reducing by 10%. Following this incidence, the management instituted measures to prevent future accidents. First, the management constructed a bridge across the river making it easy for the students to get across easily. The bridge is completely sealed from the river with only a makeshift staircase into the river for fetching water once in a while. This was supposed to keep the students off the river and prevent future accidents. Secondly, the school also converted the playground close to the river to a farm. This ensured that the children play away from the river and therefore have very little access to the river on normal school days.

Even with the above regulative measures, the school still has problems with the river proximity. First, the bridge is not completely safe for the growing student’s population as the material used in the construction is slowly rotting. Secondly, the students are made to work on the farm near the river. Their duties entail fetching water from the river. Although the fetching itself is rather safe, the water in the river is dirty, and there is high risk for water-borne diseases affecting the students. Thirdly, the bridge as constructed provides a passageway for outsiders who sometimes interrupt the students and could bring about safety and security issue to the school.

To solve these problems, the consultancy suggests three main interventions. First, a new and permanent bridge should be constructed across the river. This can be done with the involvement of the local leaders and the community for the sake of the students. This will also help in the security of the students by ensuring that the entry into the school through the bridge is controlled. Secondly, the students should not be allowed close to the dirty river at any time. Keeping them off the river will keep them safe and also prevent major health issues. Irrigation in the farm should be done using other means without involving the students. Thirdly, the school should involve the community in the cleaning of the river and make the water and the river environment safe and healthy for the students and the community. In addition, the school and its students should be trained on environmental safety and waste management to protect the river from pollution. These are the interventions that the consultancy will seek to address with the school.

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