Protection of vulnerable groups during research studies is an ethical requirement in contemporary project management principles. In most cases, such groups as children, women, or the physically challenged are subjected to an unfair treatment that violate their human rights. The situation of vulnerable groups predispose them to greater risks of exploitation. In that regard, such bodies as National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC) have emphasized need to protect the vulnerable participants in a research project. There are several methods to mitigate such violations (Have, et al.2009).

The research goals must clearly be explained to the target respondents so as to enable voluntary participation. Such approach will ensure that the vulnerable groups’ decisions are free of coercion that will exploit their right to express themselves. Besides, the researchers are equally likely to get skewed result that doesn’t reflect real outcome. The research design must be modelled in a way that it captures all participants from an equality perspective rather than classification that may cause psychological stigmatization and violate the rights of the vulnerable persons. For instance, choosing prisoners for convenience in a research is rather unethical and will likely produce results that are a product of undue influence (Have,et al.2009). Another approach is to do thorough awareness creation on the possible negative risks that may not be avoidable during research and pledge compensation. This aspect is critical is as the complexity of reconciling ethics and research may result to violation of rights of the vulnerable groups.

A clear preview of the research project, potential challenges, and possible remedial measures is important. In essence, prevention of such exploitative circumstances constitute an ethically responsive project. The vulnerable groups must be offered human treatment as the outcome of the research should be objective, accurate, and representative of the population.

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