Nursing leadership and management

Leadership is a responsibility that is delicate and requires wide knowledge and wisdom in various scopes of life. In fact, ability to influence other to agree with one’s ideas has consequences that the leader must be accountable to. In that respect, I believe that I have leadership qualities but need improvement in some aspects. As Huber, (2014), puts it, there are critical pillars of leadership that form a common denominator among all leaders and great personalities.
My leadership skills are strong on honesty, integrity and interpersonal communication. However, I need to improve on tolerance and patience. As a nursing professional, interaction of culturally diverse individuals with different medical conditions requires understanding tolerance and patience (Roussel, 2013). In that respect, I have planned to read, redeem my self-control and embrace tolerance as key factors in modern nursing practice.
As a nurse, I will encourage a controlled informal interaction with colleagues, patients and administration to gauge my level of tolerance and interpersonal competency. Besides, I will adopt a more accountability by improving on my data recording, and reporting skills to ensure quality care to the patients. In fact, consistent communication through various levels will enhance my efficiency and effectively put me on the right leadership track (Porter & Malloch, 2016). I will also push for change in the way decisions are made by the organization’s administration. I believe in the culture of active participation of various stakeholders in making informed decisions that represent interest of the masses. In that respect, I purpose to initiate participatory decision-making process to put me on the change driving map.

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