Nursing Leadership Health Policy

Nursing Leadership Health Policy

The world is made a better place by the policies that leaders in their different sectors make that affect the wellbeing of the society. In particular the health sector which is comprised of doctors and nurses may provide policies that are further stated to be the law of a place in the aim of having a safer environment for everyone to live in. Graduates of the nursing fraternity are equipped by USCF to be leaders who can be good at policy making and analyzing the effects of laws socially, economically and politically.

Working as a nurse in a public hospital one gets to witness daily many problems that arise and we are left to handle the problem if it is health related. Many patients come in daily having problems that could be prevented if at all there are proper laws that are put to regulate the predisposing factor. Therefore, due to this factor as a nurse I propose a police of smoke free zone in many areas around the state to prevent many of the major diseases that affect people around. The thought that many smokers do not have a designated area that they can exercise their habit hence doing it in public and exposing the other people to the danger of contracting diseases that are associated with smoking(Campion et al., 2008). Recently, research show that even the young population are now at a risk of contracting lung cancer due to the factor that the environment is full of polluted air and hence their system is exposed to the risk.





The real definition of a policy is an action that is adopted and implemented by the government, organization, statesman, or individuals which was proposed by a party for a selected motive(Brownson, Chriqui, & Stamatakis, 2009). For the policy to be made a law there is a procedure that should be followed. Proposing a policy is just the beginning of the journey to having it as a law. At the state level the governor is in charge of the executive and in most cases they have the power to sign a policy and make it a rule. However, the judiciary and the legislature are as well important in making of the law. The judges in the judiciary are not the best body to approach when one wants a policy to be adopted especially a health policy, since they have little knowledge on the health implications of many things and also most of them are controlled by the politicians(Chun & Cho, 2012). Therefore, their final verdict will be based on the interest of an external source.

The executive and the legislature are both considered to be efficient in the policy making process. In this case the executive headed by the governor will help in the realization of the change. First and foremost the governor was elected by the public therefore when it comes to something that will be of benefit to the public then they hardly hesitate(Oliver, 2006). In addition the policy will also be beneficial to the legislature since if there are individuals who are arrested violating the already approved law they will face a fine which will translate to be revenue for the state.






The health sector and nursing organization to be specific will also benefit from the change however the effect will be realized in long term since the number of people who will be suffering from smoke related diseases will reduce. The reduction will result to fewer traffic of patients enabling the nurses to attend to patients well without rush hence efficiency. Implementation of the policy is the biggest task that pops up when a new law is provided. The law is for the interest of the public and for it to be implemented they must play a big part in this process.

The best way to implement the policy is through having campaign and public educations in the entire state. Smoke is carcinogenic and people need to understand the full effect of cigarette smoke to their health(Csordas & Bernhard, 2013). The pollution in the air will eventually deplete the ozone layer and cause also global warming hence affecting the environment. The public need to be taught the full effects of smoke so as to give them the idea of stopping the habit. The executives also come in handy in the implementation process since they enforce the law. The executives will lay out the penalties that will be charged to individuals who are caught not respecting the smoke free zones.

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