In the workplace, stress is an occurrence that is common. In healthcare, in particular, the stress levels are so high, and this can have a bad effect on the workplace environment, staff, and ultimately on the patients. Nurses are normally subjected to a lot of occupational stress which consequently negatively affects the quality of patient care. The term occupational stress can be defined as destructive emotional and physical responses that happen when the job’s requirements are not matching the desires or capabilities of the employee. The profession of healthcare is unique in its capability to bring about stress on its employees. The environments of healthcare are settings that are fast-paced in which physicians and nurses are physically accountable for other people’s well-being. Nurses are held accountable to administrators, physicians, patients as well as their families. They are being reminded continually what they are supposed to do by different individuals with different ideas and goals that become very testing most of the times.
Currently, Human Resources are faced with the most crucial challenge in the management of organizational change. The healthcare industry is the one that requires a rapid change to manage. Organizational factors have been found to affect frustrations of the workers and burnt out to some extent. To look into these concerns, there should be empowerment strategies for the workforce’s management. Supervisors should engage their staff through dialogue to recommend improvements that can assist in reducing frustrations in the place of work (Davey, et al. 2014). These discussions may comprise though not limited to conditions of working and ways of improving services. Plans that serve the empowerment of the client could have the advantage of providing the staff a working environment that is rewarding. Working in the direction of organizational change together with the clients is a more influential antidote to the isolation sense and lack of power as workers experience.
The employers have to offer strong leadership in the working environment with runway pace, with a constant change and a never-ending uncertainty. Managers should be strategic and ingenuity wisdom to a bigger degree in the management of employees (Davey, et al. 2014). Managers should always remember that the workers are the significant contributors in the productive achievement of the goals of the organization. Recruiting and training the right individuals is very crucial, together with adapting to managerial techniques that are suitable to today’s employees. Worker recognition must also be practiced together with compensating performances that are superior and creating a productive and non-toxic working environment.
The impact of aromatherapy massage accompanied by music on anxiety and stress levels of the emergency nurses has been studied and it has been found that it lowers the levels of anxiety (Maville, et al. 2013). Regular workplace aromatherapy massage accompanied by music has the capability to enhance job satisfaction of the employees and reduce the sick leave number. Studies have also indicated that the method of mindfulness training is promising in assisting those in the nursing profession in managing stress.
The utilization of an educational module is also effective by enhancing knowledge of hardiness and stress, and raising hardiness levels (Heinen, et al..2013). Through enhanced hardiness among the staff and managers, organizations can anticipate commitment levels that are higher, more involvement of the employees on the issues of the workplace and a greater willingness to workplace environment changes.
The ways of keeping the best workers for the century that is coming and to re-model the benefits of the corporate so as to be able to realize the requirement of the new workforce have also been examined. The first method is the new package dividends’ crafting. These packages are beneficial for they are enriched with programs that are tailored-fit to the needs of an individual. While the studies failed to specifically ascertain the size of pay back, they were reported following year absenteeism and rates of turnover were lowered. The family-support packages were also emphasized more so with female employees with dependants. These types of programs normally develop an affirmative response from the employees in going on with their tenure in the healthcare setting where they belong. The third note that was emphasized is adapting work schedules that are non-traditional such as part-time contracts, flexi-time schedules, job sharing and many more. Finally, the studies emphasized the importance of employers to focus on the necessity of communicating in the workplace.
It is viewed that enhancing the ability to deal effectively with stress in the place of work is a strategy that is valuable in the process of dealing with stress. As soon as the stress existence has been established and the stressors recognized, action to address is supposed to be taken immediately.

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