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In summary, Nordstrom being one of the renowned retail companies has greatly demonstrated one common characteristic among the successful retailers-the acceptance that it cannot run retail store all alone. In response the Nordstrom have strongly embraced inclusivity by opening and operating executive retail branches including luxury department store group such as Macy, Bloomingdale, and Dillard and so on. In addition, through the effective and efficient operation of its retail facilities, it is clearly evidenced that proper understanding of retail business within the retail industry in a thoroughly way can only begin with identifying those aspects that would make them advantageous over and different from other competitors.  The main reason among these is the existence of customer in the retail operation which is however dependent on customer relationship. This is based on the fact that, for an outstanding customer services, the sales associates are encouraged to develop and build good and lasting relationship with the customers. Nordstrom having hired experienced retail managers, it is clear that it always believes in a perfect trade-off between offering customers fair prices and investing in employees. However, based on the many tremendous successes Nordstrom have ever achieved, it is therefore precisely clear that retail company that persist in believing in their own success and a better and stronger competition edge in the retail industry, normally has to embrace the chances and opportunities to improve its performance and also contribute certain needed as well as the retail services that are urgently need in the economy. This implies that investing in the foreign consultants and other affiliated retail companies that can comfortably aid the retail store including the branches in a number way that the owner alone cannot achieve. Lastly, the success of Nordstrom despite the stiff competition, have in a precise way foretell that acknowledging that retail as an industry is dynamic and that customers or consumers are as well can help individual retail companies remain competitive as well as relevant in the current modern retail marketplace.


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