NIV Study Bible

Documentary hypothesis theory seeks to deny the fact that Moses wrote the five books of law. The theory has elicited mixed reactions among biblical scholars but emphasizes attempts to reconcile science with God. From Genesis, there seems to be information gap from the time of creation, sin, and restoration. Many scholars including Julius Wellhausen that are opposed to the story of creation point towards the disconnected genealogy and actual date of creation. In essence, the geological and historical setting of the mosaic books forms the basis of conflicting reaction among scholars. The different prefixes (JPED) attached to the name of God in the Old Testament is the recipe to the opinion divide. The accounts of Israelites crossing the Red Sea are one critical aspect of Old Testament that has been considered as a recollection of oral narration rather than a reality. Other accounts such as falling of Manna, and getting of water from striking a rock seems to challenge scientific approach.

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