New York city 1837-1872

Charles Brace in his book The Dangerous Classes of New York talked about the less fortunate in the society. These include the street children who then grew to become the dangerous people in the society. He, therefore, thought of a way to deal with this kind of people to stop harming the society in general. His thinking was that the only way out to tame them was to get them under those who had moral grounds in the society such that when they are together they can be able to develop the right morals for the well-being of the society (Charles 225-6). In so doing, the once viewed as the unproductive meant good for the society and could aid the society in its progress.

However, the people of Ney York could not take the idea any further when they thought of the repercussions of upbringing a slave youth in their homes. Thinking of their children influenced negatively could not sound well to them. They fast designed a means to get rid of them before things could turn different. Providing them a country home was one of the options that they thought would best help to eliminate the potentially harmful youths in their city. Although this faced a great opposition from certain classes   having their reasons, youths were sold to the west as slaves. Among them claimed that when they were taken as slaves and the agents made money from the transactions. This, however, sounded well to others though fear was that while in the west they had their names changed  which could possibly lead to them intermarrying even with their brothers and sisters. Many preferred this than their children criminalized.

Foster, George G, clearly states the ignorance and neglect in the big city of New York. Prisoners suffer the worst yet they toil and sweat to provide service to this city. They are squeezed into a small room almost bursting of the pressure from the excess people in them. This really negates the need for a better life as earlier stated by Charles in his book The Dangerous Classes of New York. The city much boasted of is filled with all sorts of bad and worst things one can ever imagine. The filth, stench crime among other things are the worst found in the city. Forster further explains the historical rottenness of this city that is the pride of the few wealthy. The prisoners are piled in the small huts without space to breath or even light to come in. women and girls who work for as long as 14 hours a day are then provided the cheapest meal by the state and rags to be used for covering themselves. They compete to work longer hours terming it as liberty as they get a shilling for it, thus they fell great. In this city also, George Forster found that the level of prostitution is so high. The women engaging in this activity have contracted the worst kinds of diseases that they slowly die off. They are obscene I whatever they say since they have been engulfed into the acts of sinfulness to the worst level. In addition, they consume alcohol which further worsens the already bad situation.

However, men seem better of as they are seemingly no prostitution on their side. They work for the whole of their lives for some people who never even give them any addition for their rags that are torn out. Men are not different as they are squeezed up in small hits too small to accommodate their large population.

In the 19th century, America faced unprecedented economic and social changes sprouting the rise of illegal enterprises. Theft and robberies were first reported after but that couldn’t deter the vice at all. After the revolution, there was an increase in both the legal and illegal activities fueled by the demographic factors. In the preceding ten years of the 19th century, the elites consolidated their powers after which they leveraged on it to consolidate on both human labor and raw materials for their creation of manufacturing companies. However, this leads to the introduction of skilled labor into the labor force. It later forced those who resided in the rural areas to migrate to urban areas seeking for employment opportunities in the manufacturing sector. The cities were flooding with people from abroad seeking for jobs at the time when everything seemed more vulnerable as the economy wasn’t yet predictable enough for secure job opportunities. In the contrary they couldn’t think much at all about any risks rather they braved and took advantage of the unstable situation that potent big risks. The illegal businesses that then worked undercover yet could make a lot of income. It took advantage of the situation there then to exploit the people with all kinds of ways while ensuring they remained viable in the market.

In 1855 census in the New York City, indicated that the citizens were of diverse origins including immigrants. The majority of the people, who lived in the city according to the census report of 1855, were the Irish and the Germans. They inhabited the city just like the other people with an aim of getting a reputable job. It was approximated that more than 60,000 people were living in the city by the time. This was bleeding the city of the little resources it possessed.

As much as New York city grew in its economy and saw industrial development, people from diverse backgrounds, culture race, and gender flooded the city in pursuit of the luxurious job opportunities that prevailed. The skilled were lucky to be considered for permanent positions in the companies and other places of work. The census report further indicates that the inhabitants used names that showed their relationship to the head of the household. Peopled used names to this extent to link one another in the family hierarchy way. The male person who is the husband of the family mostly was the head of the family and had their name used as a link by the household members.

Further, the report indicated that inhabitants of the city had to be counted making use of their full names. Their names had to be recorded by the census team although not all the people provided their full names for recording. In addition gender group of the individual had to be recorded also. This was later used to compare the statistics of the male counterparts to their females colleagues. As various classifications were made use of during the census, the marital status, birth year, birthplace and age were also adhered to. This could indicate that all groups of people were counted as it is indicated that age groups were checked during the census (Stern 67). Making identification of age of an individual reveals the age of the people inhabiting a place. In the New York city, the dwellers must have been known of their age differences to determine on major factors of the city. Underage people are mostly children and are considered unable to provide the necessary skill, just like in New York after the 19th-century revolution. Employees rushed with an aim of getting an employment. The skilled only were mostly targeted which clearly indicates that the underage could have been overlooked due to the age factor. The birthplace made a big significance to point to the origin of the individuals who were living in the city. With the census report, it was clear to determine the cause of the rise in population in the city. However, the economic factors played a big role in affecting the migrations trends into the city. The revolution saw at the New York brought great developments, which forced the growth of other industries as a result. In the previous years, the city dwellers were few and could not have brought such progress if only there would have been nothing of that kind. The introduction of the manufacturing companies made it possible for the city to expand within a very short time. the availability of cheap labor in terms of a slave trade  could be associated with the rapid growth if industries in the city. However much the progress was made, there came up the issue of illegal businesses that boomed during the time. this was so unfortunate an event so unexpected.

New York is the home of both rich and the poor. The sharing of the cake between these groups of people is so distinct in the area of work. The middle-class earners are the majority people who originate from abroad and the immigrants from other places of the states. Due to the rise in the economic status of this city, New York, people have come in large numbers to fill the positions that demand for labor has opened thus calling for the. The experienced people needed to be hoped to get the best pay for their job in the industries. This further expanded the demand for workers who would be required to provide labor in the factories. However, the gap between made it easier for the inexperienced to get the jobs that would otherwise belong to few people. The revolution hence called for much improvement in this sector as well. People from all walks came striving to secure these jobs while as a result connects people of various races together in the quest for a job. The elites in the city made the poor suffer as they look after getting more income in their businesses. They employ strict rules to make maximum while exploiting the poor people (O’Connor 53). The prisoners are suffering in the condensed cells contracting diseases. It is outrageous for the rich who exploit these helpless people while they seem to have no feelings at all about their sufferings. The poor have nothing to say but only to provide the necessary service since they were purchased as slaves. This, however, makes the elites who own them to feel the need for full use of these ‘slave’ people without any tweak in their blood. With all the sufferings undergone by these people, ranging from deplorable housing conditions, unsanitary environment and neglect of their general health. They are treated much less than a living being.

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