Networking Assignment

Keynote Address: Ms. Maryam Al Subaiey: 6th December 2016


On sixth December, the originator and CEO of Q-Talent Ms. Maryam gave a keynote address at Stenden Qatar. I knew her from the video that went vital on how a Qatari Girl comes out in a public TV channel without the traditional dress. She spoke about how she started her businesses and changing from a business to another business made her realize that the children literature was what she was most interested in. she published three children’s books so far and writing the fourth one.

Event 2:

HRM Event Guest Lecture – Grand Hyatt Doha: 11th December 2016


Ms. Danita Van the executive of human assets at Grand Hyatt Doha gave us a lesson on how to compose the ideal CV, cover page and resume. I learned tips and tricks to make both CV and Resume very professional and eye catching. I thought that the longer the cv was and more detailed it was the better; its actually the opposite way around. Toward the finish of the address there was a systems administration session, where we asked Ms. Danita addresses and coordinates with her and her associate. She went around and checked everyone’s documents and corrected them.  At long last she gave out everybody her business card and took pictures with everyone.



Event 3:

Sheikh Faisal Annual Networking Dinner: 15th December 2016


Sheikh Faisal Al Thani the owner of Stenden University and the owner of numbers hotels and malls in Qatar invited us to a networking dinner at his museum and farm located in the north of Dukhan area in Qatar. During the event I met Sheikh Faisal we spoke about the museum and he personally showed me his favorite items. Moreover, I met numerous entrepreneurs that came to the event. There was an opportunity to meet Sheikh Faisal in the networking part of the event.  Its was good networking event were all of the student came together to see how he started and were he is now.

















Event 4:

Startup – The first Entrepreneurial Matchmaking Event














Event 5:

Regus Networking Event in Dubai

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