Music Selection Summary

 Air from Suite No.3 (on the G string) sheet music for trumpet and piano

This is a wedding music composed by Johann Sebastian Bach between 1685- 1750 in Germany. This is a piece of creativity and expresses various concepts of music. In essence, the composition and presentation of the song exhibit strong feelings and effective communication to the audience. While the song is for a wedding event, the instrumental back up is a recipe to its emotion provoking tune. The soft tunes  of the trumpet and piano evokes past memories of a referential listener. In fact, the blend of alternating piano sounds with the overlapping beats of the piano yield a resonating music with aesthetic effect.

The musical idea of this song is to express the creative use of instruments to do art. The instruments play out in unison but tune variation with a great solo vocal amplifies its quality. The structure of the song follows a logical flow of words that are articulated in tandem with the piano and trumpet. From introduction, the song is specific on its agenda and evokes inner emotions of love and compassion. The composition is emphatic on clear and precise words. The theme of the song seems to rhyme with its presentation. It comes out soft, steady and accomplished. In that regard, the song is effective for the functions and the audience it targets. In most cases, a song of such exciting and vibrant event as weddings needs a song that keeps flame of success in the relationship. Under the fundamentals of music composition, the song is replica of unique creativity.




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