movie analysis

movie analysis-see additional attachment for instructions.
It cannot have any details from the book. It has to cover the movie only and has to follow the thesis statement.

The analysis  needs an introduction with an attention getter and a thesis.

If you focus is revenge–what will you do with it? What are you analyzing? Did Edmond change his religion from Christian to a culture of revenge and then find his way back? How did he find his way back? How does the movie construct it?

In the movie, “the Count of Monte Cristo,” Edmond Dantes loses his faith in the storm of betrayal and revenge but finds his way back to god with the help of a few friends.(–does this feel more like a thesis?) The structure would include info about his faith, betrayal, revenge, and the friends who help–Priest, Jacopo, Albert? Mercedes. Does this make sense to you?

Stick with facts and details from the movie. Mercedes is the love interest for Edmond in the movie. Edmond’s father commits suicide in the movie.

Start with the right structure and the paper will build more easily.

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