Moral and ethical responsibilities

Moral and ethical responsibility is an important determinant in an individual actions. While the society has written laws, the social and ethical norms are always unwritten but very important. As a police officer, one works to reinforce law and order. Besides the designated job as a security agent, one must interact with peers in an informal basis. It is important to note that reconciling official duty and interpersonal interaction with peers presents a delicate balance that can only be solved by creative and critical decision-making.  While on duty as a police officer, I often find myself in an ethical dilemma. However, the concept of “right” instead of the utilitarian “good” influences my decisions in any situation. I believe that I have the moral responsibility to provide security to members of the public. However in the line of duty, I should not be overtaken by emotions, excessive power, or dishonesty. I believe that my personal values influences people’s perception about me. In that respect, I ensure that I make informed decision that reflects integrity and interest of the people.

My moral responsibility is to inculcate a friendly social environment that make common citizen see me as source of security instead of a threat. I interact with peers and the public within the confines of the expected moral standards. In most cases, I tend to balance my demanding duty as a law enforcing officer with the need to interact with friends. However, I ensure I am on the right side of the law so that I have confidence to tell potential offender to shun disobedience. My goal has always been to serve the people beyond mere arrests. As such I feel obliged to offer counsel to my peers and citizens in as far as the law is concerned to prevent people from becoming victims.

Morality also require that my actions are within the limits of normal human conscience. I do not emphasize arrest of offenders, but I ensure that I tell people of their mistakes and in some instances only give warning. I believe in fair judgment of people. I asses all facts surrounding an individuals’ situation to ensure that I balance the police department rules with ethics. While I have peers, my ethical code of conduct must remain applicable in as far as keeping the law is concerned. I make time to share experiences with friends, call for their opinions, and embrace criticism so that I appear like any other normal citizen. My moral conscience ensure I judge based on incriminating evidence and shun skewed decision making. As a police officer, I must take my life equally seriously to set a good example to peers on the significance of self-discipline.

My moral values emphasize commitment to serve humanity. In that respect, I embrace the opinion of friends to make objective decisions in the workplace. My decision making is influenced by the expected outcome on the friends or the offenders. In cases where one exhibits ignorance to the law and is likely to be a victim of wrongdoing, I take initiative to offer free counsel. After all I believe prevention is better than cure and a moral responsibility devoid of sacrifice to help others is as good as nothing. I believe that all my actions must inspire positive behavior and I apply sobriety in handling an offender or interacting with moral deviants.

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