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How do manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus, or companies in other industries, create a competitive advantage?  Include an example in your response.

Competitive advantage refers to a superiority that organizations gain by charging higher prices to provide more prominent value through differentiation or by providing similar values as their rivals yet at a lower price. Competitive advantage comes about because of the coordinating of the company’s core abilities to the opportunities. Branding is an initial phase in the creation of a competitive advantage; this is because a company can only have an enduring competitive advantage after it has made a good reputation and name for itself.

Mr. Albaugh made a very good point in his interview when he expressed that Boeing is “taking a look at the market, conversing with clients, and understanding technology… and taking a decent plane and improving it”. This has enabled Boeing to effectively settle themselves as a top manufacturer of aircraft. Presently, they are concentrating on what is to come. Boeing endeavors to meet current needs and wants of their clients as well as anticipate future needs and wants and fulfill or satisfy them as well. Boeing is able to meet such needs and wants and lower its expenses through their initiative known as “Partnering for Success” program. Without actually relinquishing quality for the reduced costs, this combination will bring about a strong competitive advantage. Google is an incredible example of an organization that not only looks at the future but also possess a competitive advantage. Google is reliably looking to the future with an aim of offering a top notch technology. In addition, Google looks at the problems as opportunities and therefore meet such opportunities head on without necessarily having to shy away from them but “do something about it” (High, 2013).

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