Merc Aerospace

Merc Aerospace is one of the leading aerospace companies in the United Kingdom. The company,
which is based in Barrowford, UK, is a world-class company that has over forty years of tested expertise in
aerospace services (Allcock 2004). The company provides precision engineering in the aerospace,
petrochemical, defence and energy industries around the country. The company comprises of a team of
over 50 qualified engineers and staff to provide quality work to the demands and precisions of the
customers. At present, the company specializes in metals and alloy engineering and has created a very
broad customer base (Ehret & Cooke 2010). This paper is an exploration of the company and its current
position in the market. The paper will take into serious consideration the competitive position of Merc
Aerospace in the industry and how its position and activities determine its market share.
Merc Aerospace Limited was established more than 40 years ago by a team of trained and
experienced aerospace engineers. The aim of the establishment was to create a new platform for
operation and the provision of precise engineering services in a variety of industries across the world.
Having started primarily as an aerospace engineering company, the growth of the company and the
customer demands allowed the company to expand to the provision of engineering services to other
related industries. Currently, the company provides specialized engineering services in the aerospace,
defence, petrochemical and the energy industries. However, even with the expansion, the original vision of
the company, provision of customer-cantered engineering services has remained as the man drive towards
success (Martínez-Jurado et al. 2013).
Merc Aerospace Limited started small and grew to become one of the leading providers of
aerospace engineering services in the country. Today, the company has over 70 trained and experience
staff who are employed to provide a variety of services to the customer. In addition, there is a team of
qualified and competent engineers who are highly skilled to provide engineering services. The company,
therefore, is able to produce precision parts and aerospace assemblies of outstanding and exceptional
quality and to the specification of the customers. Positive investment in training and continuous
improvement are the main drivers of success. Consequently, the company is ISO9001 and AS9100
certified. In addition, the quality of services provided by the company is rusted across the industries and
its ability is approved and often consulted by industry leaders such as Airbus, AgustaWestlands,
Bombardier and BAE Systems (Braddorn & Hartley 2007).
For the time that the company has been in existence, it has focused on the production of aero
engine components, airframes, and reversers. It has also provided the ordinance components required for
the value addition and performance enhancement of the defence system aero-engines. This includes the
production and fitting of small arms, support weapons, missile launchers and other types of mechanical
and technological weaponry required for the defence and militarised aircraft (Beaudry 2001). In the
petrochemical and energy industries, the company has been providing highly tolerant machine component
for deep-hole technologies, high-pressure engineering components as well as nuclear sectors for energy
production with minimum risks. All these activities are done with professional precision and with the
specifications of the customer in mind.
Although the company has been able to reach productivity and recognition in the industry, the path
to success has not been easy. Majorly, the main challenge facing Merc Aerospace limited in the industry is
the competitiveness of the industry. The major competitors of the company are North West Aerospace
Alliance, Magellan Aerospace UK Limited, and Sigma Components Limited. All the three competitors
provide the aerospace components products to the same customers that Merc Aerospace targets. North
West Aerospace Alliance is a group of several companies with a large customer base and a very diverse
workforce. It is more experienced in the field and boasts of a larger market share (Braddorn & Hartley
2007). However, its products are not customer specific as most are produced in bulk.
Magellan Aerospace Limited is also a major competitor with branches in more than five countries
around the world. However, its expansion reduces its precision and is relatively poorly rated in the local
market. Sigma Components is a rather new competitor in the market with a very bright performance
index. However, it has not yet fully diversified its production of components for different kinds of aeroengines
and therefore the local market remains good for Merc Aerospace Limited (Jackson 2004).
From the analysis of major competitors, the company can maintain its place in the market with
specialized production of customer-specific aerospace components. Working with more inventors and
innovators, the company is capable of producing components for the future in all aerospace-related
industries and remain relevant throughout the growth and improvement of the industry. Incorporation of
technology guided components in the production line will also make the company more relevant in the
emerging markets especially with the trends directing towards technology and automation of machines
(Braddorn & Hartley 2007). The company, however, needs to provide more information on its internet site
to make it easier for the users of the site to access information regarding the products and their
specifications without necessarily having to contact the company directly. Managing and regularly
updating the information is also very important.
The current position of Merc Aerospace Limited is favourable. With a forty-year experience in the
production of aerospace engineering components, the company has been able to identify a need for
customer-specific components from among the specialized consumers of the products. The company has
also been able to provide this specialized service and gained the trust of major players in the industries.
This has positively impacted on the profitability of the company and increased its market share (Ehret &
Cooke 2010).

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