1. The Salon: a popular and famous music genre used to be performed especially Europe during early 19th century. It was generally written for solo piano more so to express different romantic styles. It was most often performs by the composers by the events also referred to as Salon. The compositions are normally fairly short and also focused on virtuoso pianistic display or kind of emotional expression of certain sentimental character. The popular subgenres of the salon music are the common operatic paraphrase or simply the fantasia. One of the key fundamental for mastwork (Liebergen, Patrick, and Sally 261).
  2. Art song; is simply a musical setting of song or a poem for a solo voice and perhaps piano. It usually refers the piece of music which is normally performed by the voice either with or without any instrumental form of accompaniment or just a set of poem music (McCoy 31)
  • Ballad; is those poem that is typically arranged in form of quatrains with ABAB rhyme scheme. In addition, ballads are known and are usually the narratives, meaning that they tell certain stories in the process. They are narrative poems set music and they first become common in Germany.

The neme of the composer is Franz Schubert. Schubert was born in January 31, 1797 Vienna and later on died in November 19, 1828 Vienna, in Australia.  Franz Schubert, an early romantic music composer within an Australian origin. He is quite popular for his composing lieder kind of musical styles. This could also be referred to as art songs for both voice and piano (Liebergen, Patrick , and Sally 132). He lived and composed his songs in the era of 19th century. It was an era of rapid evolution in music and arts. All together, a brand new profusion of lyrics music and poetry as well as the evolution of piano into a very highly complex mechanism enabled the one and the only gifted Franz Schubert to excel and composed several exception poetry and musical lyrics.

His music, which was purely romantic in nature greatly impacted on different people’s romantic lives. His music was highly treasured different people across the global society including the connoisseurs who would come together for private performance most of which had to wait until the time of his unduly death only to be rediscovered for second publishing. His music also transformed the societal perception about romance (Hoffer 312).

Societal events such ceremonies, concerts parades, music theatre as well as church function enhance and increased the demand of his music and poets. For instance, in October 1823, Josef Kuppelwieser requeted him to compose for a whole four act play events that was to be held at a church function event. This was called Rosamunde, Furstin von Cypern. This really promoted his music talent to higher level, and subsequently made him to be more famous and popular.

In analyzing is piece entitled “King of the Elves” which is a song sung by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. The piece calls upon the singer to take the responsibility of the narrator, Elf king, son and the father. The note range varies with the son relatively singing higher note than the father. The Elf King however appears to sound a bit lighter in terms of the quality of the tone. This conforms to the quality requirement for the ballad as aforementioned concept in the chapter.


In summary, the art of poetry and music are powerful tool to impact positively on the societal lives and cultures as well as line of thoughts, and Franz Schubert in his composer work fully utilizes the power of certain unique musical styles to transform the societal behavior, especially in regard to romance.


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