Master of Public Administration – Goal Statement

My interest to pursue Masters in Public administration has resulted from a series of personal transformations as I grew up and gained knowledge. At the tender age of six years, I had read and known political history thoroughly, started following world news, and spent most of my playtime reading biographies of world changers including Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, and Marrie Currie. Having always been ardent in the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, I longed for a bigger, better world. At age 17, I moved to the United States on my own, bartering away my life back home to chase after something much more precious: freedom.

In addition to my affinity for knowledge and social justice, my experience at the University of Southern California, College of Business has led me to believe that public administration, especially higher education, is a powerful tool to create a revolution. As an undergraduate, I was exposed to a unique culture where students are encouraged to take risks, collaborate, bring solutions to problems, and develop professional network while in college. For this reason, I found myself gaining lesser satisfaction in textbook-based classes and thrived more in research, teamwork, and public speaking. The research based learning approach made it possible for me to propose an idea for Verizon Telecommunications to develop a smart traffic tracking system to resolve car accidents. The proposal successfully brought my team to the semifinal of the Capstone Case Competition, out of 900 graduating seniors and 180 teams that semester.  Additionally, I served as Senior Vice President of Young leaders Fraternity, overseeing over 100 members at the time and developing a cutting edge recruitment approach that brought new talents to the fraternity and earned me the Most Innovative Member Award. My experience at Young leaders’ fraternity led me to larger-scale leadership opportunities such as senator at the Student Government Association and student engagement chair at the Young innovators incubation program. At the helm of the Student Government Association, I respectively represented 1,000 students in the university decision making and cultivated a learning environment for over 8,000 students at the college. Through academic excellence, leadership, and service, I earned a prestigious scholarship at the Women’s Executive Council of South California.

The experience that I acquired led me to current position at the External Relations Team, where I continue to foster the culture of world changers. I get to bring speakers who offer unique and diverse perspective on various social and business issues, as well as witness the impact of education on these students, which reflects on the dynamic learning spirit and pioneering conversations that spark within the college. Having seen the college success in the last 2 years and actively involved with this transformation, I realized that education is a vital instrument of change. If I am unable change the government, I need to equip the people with knowledge and the ability to make judgment for themselves. Therefore, the Masters degree in public administration will give me professional and academic leverage to educate people in public forums and various social organizations.

I wish to pursue a program that will guide me towards nonprofit management. The Master of Public Administration program offered at the University of Pennsylvania is the ideal place for me to start. Being the 10th best university in the nation, University of Pennsylvania is the best place to build a melting pot of cultural and educational exchange. I want to create an international educational exchange program at University of Pennsylvania for ambitious students from developing countries. My hope is to empower these students with critical thinking skills, enlighten them with freedom of opportunity, and envision them to transform the world when they get back to their home country.

To bring this vision to fruition, I hope to broaden my perspective in public policy through Public Administration in the Policy Process. I seek to develop a concise understanding of nonprofit administration through Public Organization Management. For more success in public service, I plan to refine my leadership skills through involvement with nonprofit organizations, and obtain summer internships with the US Department of Education.

A review of 2016 has proved that higher education is just as important to such a developed country like the US as it is in third world. The racial tension, the epidemic of fake news from both political parties, and the educational divide in vote preferences are clear testimonials that social justice is always a relevant subject, that human freedoms and equal opportunities are crucial to social progress anywhere and anytime. Therefore, I will eventually direct my energies towards getting a doctoral degree in higher education to become a college’s dean, embracing the sacred mission to empower students’ knowledge and the mentality of problem solver.

I believe that securing a chance in the University of Pennsylvania for the Master’s degree in public administration will boost the prospects of my career in promoting freedom through democracy and participatory decision making.

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