Marketing Communication Campaign Planning

The nature of competition following the globalization and economic liberalization plays a critical role in the determination of the competitiveness of industries. Through globalization, the economic growth has been realized in the leading sectors of the economy. One of the sectors that are highly affected by the economic integration and liberalization is the fashion and beauty industry. Therefore, given the intensity of the competition in this industry, it is important for all the firms in the industry to undertake extensive marketing communication campaign in order to remain competitive and break-even in the industry amid these competitions. The success of Lancôme male skin care is founded on how well the organization conducts the promotion of its skincare products for both males and females. This calls for intensive marketing promotion among the desired and potential consumers. Lancôme male skin care therefore has no choice but to invest heavily on marketing through communication by reaching out to its potential customers in order to achieve market dominance and leadership. The main objective of marketing communication is to build brand image of the skincare products of Lancôme male skin care among the consumers and to increase the volume of sales and hence revenue that is enough to drive the organization forward and remain competitive in the industry despite the stiff competition brought about by globalization and economic liberalization. Besides, it is important for Lancôme male skin care to conduct extensive market communication so as to retain its current customer based other part attraction new customer to love its products. Marketing communication campaign is strong show of popularity and winning the loyalty of potential customers. Lancôme male skin care has allocated substantial amount resources to conduct marketing promotion and campaign. Although the founder of Lancôme male skin care did not invest in marketing communication, the organization later realized the need to popularize its luxury skincare products through marketing communication. The company diversifies its marketing communication promotion strategy by seeking all the alternative promotional and marketing methods. Lancôme male skin care communicates the value of its luxury skincare products through sales promotion, advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, publicity and public relations.

The first communication strategy deployed by Lancôme male skin care in popularizing and promoting its products is advertising. Advertising is the most popular method of marketing communication used many companies because of its effectiveness. Therefore, in order to reach out to large population of potential consumers, it is important for Lancôme male skin care to allocate resources to promote its product through advertising. The most common and popular forms of advertising include mass media, television, bill-boards, radio, and other forms of visual and audio methods. The main advantage of Lancôme male skin care using advertising as a method of marketing communication is the cost and financial factors behind advertising. However, this method of marketing communication is limited to group persons. For instance, the visually impaired and those suffering from any form of physical disability are locked out by this method. Besides, some most forms of mass media communication and advertising tools have suffered from obsolete and technological irrelevance. Bill-boards are prone to destructions, hence not appropriate method of marketing communication. Lancôme male skin care should therefore minimize the amount of resources it spends in this outdated form of product communication and popularization.

The second method of marketing communication that is effective in winning consumer loyalty is sales promotion. This is the process of conducting extensive product promotion through sales alternatives including deploying a sales team to promote the products of Lancôme male skin care. Under this approach the company emphasizes on the importance and the value of its luxury skin care products. This method of marketing communication is essential as it helps Lancôme male skin care to build personal contact in the consumers. Besides, sales promotion gives the consumers the opportunity to access the products on quality and standardization before making their decision on whether or not to consume Lancôme male skin care products. One limitation of this method of marketing communication is based on the economic factors. Since sales promotion entails traveling and related promotional costs, this method is not preferred when a firm is operating cost minimization policy.

Lancôme male skin care also uses direct marketing and public relations as methods of marketing communication. Through public relations, a firm aims at building strong public image among the consumers. On the other hand, public relation marketing strategy is beneficial to the firm as it strengthens the relationship of the firm with potential consumers. One major weakness of public relations marking strategy is that the image of Lancôme male skin care may be tainted negatively among the public through propagandas and unfounded facts. This drives away the consumers hence a decline in the volume of sales. Direct marketing is preferred for its ability to establish direct and interpersonal contacts with the customers. Lancôme male skin care therefore allocated sufficient amount of financial resources to direct marketing. Through its sales team, Lancôme male skin care is able to get direct touch and response from the customers on matters relating to the products of the company. Like sales promotion, direct marketing is relatively expensive hence preferable when the firm is financially stable. Finally, Lancôme male skin care uses modern communication and social interaction sites to market its skin care products. These forms of modern marketing communications include web development, and social media. These strategies are of great benefits as they communicate valuable information about Lancôme male skin care products to a large number of consumers at ago, hence economical and should be pursued by the firm at the expense of other marketing strategies.





Marketing Communication Plan

Marketing Communication Method Proportion of Resources Invested
Advertising 25%
Sales Promotion 15%
Direct Marketing 15%
Experimental 7%
Public Relation 8%
Social Media and Networks (Web sites) 30 %




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